Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's Over 20,907 Words

Okay, I've declared the writing over for me. The word count stands at 20,907 and, interestingly enough this morning I wrote 222 words. How's that for a neat coi-inki-dink? I figured that was the universe's way or my higher self's way of saying, "Stop already, it's over. You did good".

I'll be glad to start posting here more regularly again. I've missed it, and had even started a few entries only to scrap them once I'd let off steam. They weren't particularly interesting, even to me. Why bother? Also, it felt like energy I needed for my other stuff was being syphoned off into this whiney voice and I didn't want to spread that around. Sort of like having a cold and passing on germs, I guess.

We still don't have DSL. Poo on SBC/AT&T. Comcast modem is supposed to arrive tomorrow though the computers are not yet ready. I need to take a trip to Office Depot...maybe tonight after work.

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