Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Writing Away

I got up early again this morning. I’d forgotten how I really work better keeping “Writer’s Hours” which for me are to work while everybody is still sleeping. I put on the headphones and zone out on my brain wave altering music by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. My current favorites are the Delta wave stuff. All of them work fine, but I tend to reach for that first. Funny, you would think that something along the lines of Alpha would work better for me with the channeling, but the Delta stuff is just fine.

Actually, years ago the best stuff I found to listen to while I was working on “the Stone” which was my murder mystery, swash buckling, horror, romance, three hanky tear jerker novel presently under my bed, was a subliminal tape designed to get a person to lose weight. I didn’t lose any weight then, but it surely did jump start my creative batteries. I never really understood how that worked. All I know is it did.

Anyway, word count is at 15,833 this morning. I’m about 5,000 in the hole as far as what I’d wanted to do and found that to be slightly discouraging for awhile. However, I’m working at it most every day. And, although I’m only getting between 500 and 800 out at any one sitting it’s more than nothing. I’m finding that I need to rethink what I consider to be “good work” and what I consider to be “slacker performance”. It will all come together in the end. It’s good training for me and I think I would like to continue this mode of writing and channeling for a good long while after the end of November rolls up.

If you think about it, if a person were to just write 500 words every day. Every single day to take half and hour to 45 minutes to write at the end of a year they’d have more than 180,000 words. That’s pretty decent.

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