Saturday, December 23, 2006

Go Stand In A Doorway

I was writing about fear, the lead-into for a chapter of stuff the guides had channeled for my book of 365 Day’s Worth of Channeling when we had our 3rd earthquake in almost as many days. This sucks. All 3 of them located 2 miles east of Berkeley, the first on Dec 20th at 7:15 pm – a 3.5 magnitude, the second last night, Dec 22nd at 11:00 pm – 3.7 magnitude (which DeeDude and I missed because we were asleep) and the third Dec 23rd at 9:20 am a 3.5 magnitude.

These recent quakes were all on the Hayward fault which runs pretty close to my house. Oct 21, 1868 was the last one. And, we’re due. And, I have to admit I’m afraid.

Here’s the conversation I just had with the guides: “So, if this house fell apart and you were killed what would you do?” No brainer on that one. I’d be dead. And, from what they’ve told me I probably wouldn’t care.

“And, if you lost everything what would you do?” I said I’d start over.

Man, but fear can really suck the life right out of you, though.

So, I’ll mull over what they said…and, go get dressed. The thought of having the house fall to pieces around me while I’m in my jammies just doesn’t hold much appeal.

For those who are interested go to: to see the latest quakes in California. More information can be gotten here:

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