Friday, January 12, 2007

It's Cold

Sometimes getting mad isn’t really going to get you much of anything at all, except mad. Now, in addition to the furnace not working there was no hot water in the shower this morning. I let the taps run in the kitchen and the bathroom sink and eventually both gave up half-way decent hot water. Not scalding like is the usual case for them, but a little bit more than warm. The shower has a child-proof thermostat on it that won’t allow more than x degrees of hot water through. This morning it never went past cold. I did me a French bath standing at the sink. One of the guides just said at least I wasn’t as dirty as if I’d been working in the fields.

After one fast blow-up last night DeeDude turned philosophical about it. Even the news that there wasn’t hot water this morning didn’t phase him. I should take lessons from my husband.

Anyway, he works at home today and will call the furnace people when they open at 7:30. We’re lucky the pipes didn’t freeze. Then, we wouldn’t have any water at all. Right now it's 35 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

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