Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sometimes Spirit Whispers

The biggest news of all is that, “A Year of Psychic Readings” arrived from I was thrilled to hold in my hands a book with my name on it. It didn’t matter that it was the only copy and that there might not be that many ever purchased. I was thrilled anyway.

However, as I figured, there are things that need to be changed and fixed. Right off the bat I saw that there were no numbers on the even pages…just the odd ones with the exception of page 26 which was blank. Go figure. I went back to the document I’d uploaded and, sure enough, I’d done something to the footer so that none of those pages displayed. So, there’s that to fix.

A couple of the graphics got disconnected from their text so I’ll need to hook those back together.

The other thing I will need to do is to fix the index, which is something I have not been looking forward to. But, it’s next.

Also, the cover itself, though attractive, might need to be changed. Within 3 minutes all I could see were all the fingerprints I’d left on it. Not a good one. So, maybe I’ll change that.

And, the last thing is the title. DeeDude said not to have the word Psychic in the title. He said it was a turn off. So, I’m thinking what else could I call it? Musings from the Mist…Advice from my Invisible Friends…Okay…enough silly. It’s advice. It’s channeled. DeeDude already told me I shouldn’t use the word, “Channeled”. It’s pretty mysterious at times. It’s secrets I never knew about before Seth told me. The Other Side Unveiled. Only, it’s our side mostly. How to Live an Upstanding Life. Assistance About Arcane Matters…Think…think….Help me guys…Watch Out! Your Path is on Fire. What? More, please. There’s Always Hope. Hey, I like that one. Okay, that’s a keeper, but let’s keep going, please. Another Way to Look at Life. That’s nice too. Snippets from Spirit. Cute. I like the idea of using Spirit and having an “S” word with that is sort of balanced. I Thought I was Crazy, But I was Merely Hearing Voices In my Head. Yeah, right. About Living From Dead Guys. Well, yes, but that’s sort of weird.

What’s a good “S” word? Streams…Sifting…Shifting…Shitting…stop it…Smells…Spirit Speaks…Yes, I’d love to use that one, but somebody else already did, didn’t they? What about “Spirit Speaks – Practical Advice”

How about Spirits Speak? Spirits Whisper. Sometimes Spirit Whispers. I like that one.

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