Monday, March 19, 2007

Pondering the Imponderable

The word for the day is perseverance. Sales people know about this first hand. My husband told me once that out of 100 cold calls you can expect to get one person interested in what you are talking about. That takes perseverance to continue to call people up, to have them say to you, “No, I’m not interested and don’t call here again.”

I can always tell when somebody from a boiler room is calling me because you can hear all the other people in the background making the same sort of sales calls. As annoying as getting those calls are, especially in the late evening hours and right as you sit down to eat dinner, you’ve got to admire the perseverance it takes to continue to make those calls.

How would you apply that quality to your own life? How would you apply perseverance to prayer? How would you apply perseverance to seeking spiritual ease?

I don’t know. Keep trying, I guess. For me it’s almost like I didn’t get enough to eat. The cravings I had a moment ago for cheese cake were not satisfied and I’ve got to keep going back for more. That’s what it is like for me to seek God.

I can channel up a storm, but that is talking to Folk in Spirit. I can’t say that I’ve touched the hand of God. It hasn’t felt any different for me. Well, occasionally I do stumble into what might be called a grace like state. It sort of washes over you like the waves in an ocean. But, not all the time. Just occasionally.

Maybe, like they tell me, God is all around me already. Maybe, like they tell me, God is always with me and has never abandoned me at all. So, what is this seeking that I do? Why am I not satisfied?

Pondering the imponderable? I guess. Your thoughts would be welcome.

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Gina R Johnson said...

Wooowee, but your blog is BEAUTIFUL!
Keep doing your thing!