Friday, March 30, 2007

Sensing Me

I’m listening to an album called, Saffron and Silk by Govi right now. Clicking on the link will take you to Amazon where you can listen to the tracks on the album. I so enjoy his instrumental music. As I eased into the listening of it I was sort of struck by how this music is me. It’s a me on another level. To look at I’m not at all striking. I’m getting old. I’m overweight. I’m certainly not stylish. I’m a dumpy, middle aged woman. And, yet as I listen to this music I sense similarities between this music and who I am underneath the veneer of outward gloss. It’s a freshness and hope I sense. It’s an enthusiasm for the day. It’s a totally better and more vibrant me than the me I am as I sit here in this chair writing these words.

It must be because I am taking today off from work. I’ve turned the focus of my attention in a direction other than daily duty and have allowed my mind to explore, albeit briefly, the fringes of my psychic reality and hence I find myself wandering across this music.

It’s struck a chord with me.

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