Sunday, April 22, 2007

Go God!

It’s not necessarily chores that I want to talk about I really want to talk about how we classify the things we do as okay, fun or disagreeable. Why? I think of people who are immersed in their spiritual lives and how they offer up their labors to God. I think that’s an admirable thing to do, though I personally might not do exactly that. But, it does make me think about the things I cringe from doing. I’ll put off ironing until the clothes that need it are piled high and I’m really scratching my head in the morning wondering what I’ve got left to wear to work. But, if I could maybe think of all the people who’ve gone before me who’ve done this same thing and who didn’t have an issue with it how they managed to do that particular chore and move quickly past it to other things. Is it too much of not living in the moment where I dread something so terribly that the dreading eclipses every other creative urge I’ve got and all the “fun” things don’t get done?

I wonder about doing it for God. I don’t think God cares really about my ironing. I would imagine he’s got other things to think about. I guess my problem is in thinking of God as somebody else. The guides have urged me many times to think of God as us. All of us. Together. Spirit is God. They just said, “Go God”. Right. I guess that’s enough.

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