Sunday, April 22, 2007

How I Make Kraut

Here’s what’s for dinner: Kraut and Wurst.

I chopped up a big sweet onion, peeled and diced up a potato. Set that to sautéing in a little olive oil. Thought better of it and chopped up 3 strips of bacon to add to the mix. If I’d thought of it earlier maybe I wouldn’t have added as much olive oil. Peeled and chopped up an apple and added that too. Dissolved a beef bouillon cube in a cup of water and added that. Considered and then added in half of my cup of apple juice I’d been drinking. I didn’t measure that one, but figure it was about 1/3 of a cup. I may add more as the afternoon progresses.

Then, the final ingredient. I added a quart of sauerkraut. That is going to bubble away on the stove for a few hours. We want to watch the Sopranos at 6:00 pm and seeing as how I don’t like to be eating while we watch it I figure dinner will be at 5:30 or thereabouts. So, this is going to simmer away a little over an hour. Then, it can sit around for awhile and I'll reheat it. The potatoes and apples will be mush by the time dinner comes, but will have flavored the dish and the potato (according to my neighbor Phil) is what will make the gravy. I'll have to go see about finding a lid for the skillet.

I’ve got 4 Saags bockwursts to have with the meal. We'll have boiled potatoes too. Just a nice German dinner tonight.

DeeDude has been sick ever since he finished doing the taxes last week. The willies, fever, the yuckies and a sore throat. Also, I hear him sneezing every once in awhile. He's promised me he will telephone the advice nurse tomorrow if he still has a sore throat. But, this is the first time in years that he's had a really bad cold. It reminds me of the cold I got right after I quit my job oh so many years ago to write. I was sick for 3 months. But, it wasn't all in vain. I got psychic at the end of it.

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