Saturday, May 12, 2007

Blink, Blink...I can't see.

Well, that was really interesting. I was awake very early this morning and farted around on the internet for an hour or so. Then, at 4:30 am I was ready to go back to bed for awhile. At 7:30 I awakened and I couldn't get my right eye to focus. At first I thought the lens might have fallen out of my glasses and I reached up to make sure that had not happened. Everything was just real blurry. I thought maybe somehow I was looking out of the wrong part of the glasses. I have tri-focals, so to see close up you use one part, to drive you use another and for the computer there is still a third area to use. I moved that lens all around. No good. Still blurry.

Frightened, I just went back to bed. Good way to handle stuff, right? Anyway, I dozed off for an hour or so and when I awakened again I opened my eyes to see if there had been any improvement. Well, without my glasses I can't see crap, so that didn't prove anything. Then, I just rubbed the crap out of my eyes, put my glasses on to see if everything was okay and it was. I could see again.

That has never happened to me. I'm still wondering about it. Could it be in any way related to the kidney stone I think I've got and are my kidneys failing and affecting my eyes? Yeah, right, like I should have called the doctor. But, I'm into self medicating and I took an old expired (not too old, so I'm hoping it is still working) Tyelenol with codeine that I had left over from my last stone and went back to bed for the afternoon.

My side still hurts, but I'm looking at a full glass of water that's going to go down the hatch in about 10 seconds. We want Niagra Falls here. That's what's going to get rid of a stone.

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