Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Student Loans

I wouldn’t say it’s a necessary evil, but a student loan, at some point, becomes very important to folks who are trying to further their education. Actually, if you manage to snag more than one a loan a student consolidation loan becomes important too.

It was years and years ago, but DeeDude did get a student loan. It was for $5,000 and it was a lifesaver for us. We’d just come back from Germany and the only thing we owned were a bunch of books, some cookware, a rocking chair and our clothes. That’s it. That student loan allowed us to settle into graduate housing at The University of Maryland. We didn’t have to start paying it off until after DeeDude had gotten his master’s degree. And, if it had not been for that loan we would have been sleeping, eating and living on the floor of that apartment.

At the time we were in Hyattsville, Maryland the internet hadn’t yet been invented and if we’d been able to get information about student loan consolidation as easily as people can now I think it would have been better for us; it certainly would have been easier. As it was we are really grateful for having gotten that loan.

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