Monday, June 18, 2007

Blogging Me Down

With all the different blogs I’ve got I suppose depending on what I’m doing or thinking about doing I could also have an appropriate blog to record my thoughts. This is for all the filing I don’t do around me. Must seek organization somewhere. Or, at least start somewhere.

So, for beading I’ve got my beading blog. For bad moods I’ve got The Psychic Vents. For uplifting moments this one. Or, odd moments. For when I’m into a teaching mode Learn to Channel. For when I’m trying to learn some Spanish, Learn Spanish With Me. For the times I’m reading Where I Read Books is good.

What’s missing? A cleaning blog. This house needs it. A filing or organizing blog. Again with the house. I could stand to lose some weight so a dieting blog might be appropriate…or, maybe just an exercise blog. What else? I’ve been wanting to learn better how to read the Tarot. I could branch out that way. There are any number of blogs I could turn my hand too. Hands. Will be busier if I do this. Just a thought.

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