Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Frizzy Hair

I am famous for cutting my own hair. I am not famous for doing a good job at it. Anyway, the last time I'd gone to a hairdresser and asked her to, "do something" with my hair I left her parlor with a really short hairdo. I am also not famous for having short hair. I'm always discontented once I've got it and am forever growing it out.

Anyway, three months ago, or so, it had gotten to the stage where the shortest pieces of hair were above my ears and the rest of it about shoulder length. The varied lengths lent themselves to a permanent windblown look. I hacked it off. After three months of growing it out, this time pretty much together, it once again got to the point where I was close to just tearing it all out or buying a wig.

Last weekend I went to Great Clips at Southshore Plaza in Alameda. There were only 2 guys in there getting their hair cut. I sat down and waited. The lady who cut my hair said to me, "You've got this really long hank back here." I said, "Yeah, that's the part I couldn't reach when I cut it myself. I guess I've been going around all this time with it hanging down and nobody told me." Oh, well.

So, she cut my hair. She even fixed it so that it would do a little flip up at the ends. Then, she looked me in the eye and said, "Your hair is really dry. You need deep conditioning." She told me to get some hair mayonaise at Sally's. Unfortunately, Sally's had already closed. Southshore has been under construction for close to 2 years and it doesn't look to be done for at least another one. In the interim there have been a boatload of stores that just left. They just couldn't take not having any customers due to the remodeling going on or, having to relocate while their space got torn up. Anyway, I'd imagine that the rents will all be going up too.

So, I couldn't find Sally's, I did find the South Shore Beauty Supply and a very helpful clerk. She took a measured look at my hair and then said I might try some Redkin All Soft Heavy Cream. You put this stuff on your towel dried hair, wait 5 minutes and then rinse it off. For really damaged hair you can let it stay on 15 minutes. That's what I did.

I have to say my hair hasn't felt this good in years. This stuff was well worth the $20 it cost me. Man, I dithered over spending that kind of money, but I'm glad I did. I guess as I get older the repairs are going to get more expensive.

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