Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gazing Into My Crystal Ball

So, I’ve left my crystal ball out, front and center, on my desk. I just sat down this morning to check my email and do the usual morning things and I thought, maybe this is a good idea. I’ll just always have it to look into and maybe one of these days something will happen.

So, then I remembered back to the days when I was trying to get my Ouija board to work and nothing happened for so long and how I would drag the planchette around with one hand while I was resting the other hand on it. Just to see what it would feel like if it ever really did start moving around. Sort of pretend. We’re big on that around here for learning things. And, I thought to myself maybe I could sort of dance a picture around behind the ball so I could sort of pretend see what it’s supposed to look like just so’s I’m prepared in case it ever really does do anything.

And, Seth (my guide – invisible voice in my head) says, “It’s more like watching television. You get enough practice doing that.”

I thought it was funny. Good help too. Now, I sort of know what to expect so I won’t miss it if it happens quickly.

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