Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hazy, It's Hazy

Okay, so here’s my first lesson in encouraging psychic impressions. This is something that I actually did last night with a little encouragement from my friends, the guides, those invisible ones who help me out. Actually, they helped me out this evening when I got home from work to discover one of my library books was overdue and I was going to need to return it and another one to the library tomorrow…I have the day off. Anyway, I couldn’t find it. I found four other ones, but not those two I want to return.

In my mind I’m revisiting DeeDude as he cleared a path into the study the other day. He said to me, almost in apology, that he couldn’t get to the trash can to dump it. I said, “No, that’s perfectly all right. It looks so much better.” Except, that’s where I could have sworn all the library books were. And, now two were missing. So, I’m thinking of DeeDude and wondering what the hell he could have done with them. See, the interesting thing is right away I’m blaming it all on him. I look three times, four times in my study. I go into the bedroom. I go out into the living room. I think, “They were in a bag. Weren’t they?” I’m in a panic. I can’t find my library books. A voice in my head says to me, “They are in the bathroom. Go look in there.” I go, “Unh?” I’m more accustomed to the guides telling me to look up when I’m in a panic looking for something. This time there was some actual direction. I go into the bathroom. There, buried under another couple of books are the two I’m looking for. Thanks, guys.

Anyway, from those Folk in Spirit who help me with the most mundane things I also listened to last night. I remembered watching, “Psychic Detectives” and began thinking, “I wonder if I could do that?” So, I began reporting what I “saw” psychically. There is no way to verify any of it. I don’t know who it was that I saw. I have no idea where these impressions are coming from. But, the rule to start with is that I am going to report my psychic impressions. That’s all. Doesn’t matter what, where, when or who is in this report. You can do this too. Just close your eyes, pretend that you’re going to be doing a psychic impression and have at it. For a little direction you can specify an incident if you want to, maybe a period in history. You could say, “I want to visit a time in the 1890’s in the Midwestern United States.” Or, “I want to visit the time of one of my ancestors 400 years ago.”

Is it true? I don’t know. Does it matter? No. You’re just exercising a psychic muscle. I’d love to hear if anybody does anything with this.

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