Saturday, June 09, 2007

More on Crystal Balls

Well, I’m not sure which way to go with this. I purchased a crystal ball years ago. I spent a lot on it too. Back in the early days of my psychic awakening I tended to spend more money than I do now. That’s why I urge folks who are just learning how to channel to lock up their credit cards. Not that I’m going to blame the guides for me spending too much money. They were just there at my elbow saying stuff like, “Hey, you deserve it. Why not?” Stuff like that. I sucked it up. Anyway, now I know better.

But, I’ve got a crystal ball that doesn’t work. Every once in awhile I get it off the shelf and clean it off. It’s like a dust magnet. It’s really heavy and totally round, not flat on one side like some.

I learned later that any round, shiny object would do. I could have gotten a beach ball. Imagine, “Let me gaze into my beach ball.” Right. Like the guides said to me at the time, “Any psychic worth their salt has a crystal ball.” That’s what clinched it for me on my see-sawing between should I spend the money or should I save the money. I was the proud owner of a crystal ball. Happy birthday.

All this is called scrying. You can look into a dark mirror rather than a ball. Or, you can fill a pan of water (painted black on the bottom) with water. Brim it. I mean really fill that pan full until, if you put one more drop into it, it’s going to flow over the side. Then, you sit quietly looking at the surface. You go into a semi-meditative state of mind. But, more than that. With the intention of “seeing something” in your pan of water or your crystal ball. I suppose you could even look into a puddle on the sidewalk. Sidewalk sessions with Zelda. You could have a lemonade stand on the side, too. Your cousin Rachel could like, rake it in on a Saturday afternoon. I’m getting distracted.

You know about those magic-eye pictures? Where you stare and stare and all you see is some dumb repetitive pattern that makes no sense at all and then suddenly, baammm, your focus shifts to where you are seeing through the layers of the picture to where the hidden picture is. Sort of like that.

But, I can’t with any real authority say that’s how to do it. I have a feeling this is going to be very much like me learning how to channel. I just keep reading about how other people do it and try to emulate their technique. Finally, one day it’s going to work.

It’s interesting that I was able to do it in my dream last night. That’s what dreams are for too, practicing the stuff you want to do in “real life”.

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