Monday, July 30, 2007

Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations

One of the things I enjoy doing is watching television. I watched a show this evening called, “Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations” It was on the Travel Channel and this particular episode had Anthony in China. It’s like he’s a sightseer, but he really focuses in on the food. I just loved it. I came into the show just as he was in Shanghai. He traveled farther into China until he ended up in Shangri-La. If you click on this link you'll see still photos from the show. Just terrific. This is the way a country should be visited, by seeing the everyday people and what they eat. By listening to them about what excites them. These aren't 5 star restaurants. These are real people. It's the part I love about traveling.

In reading more about him on the information available at the Travel Channel website I read that he was a chef for 28 years. He is no longer working as a chef, but according to the video he was in he said he figured after having put in his time for that long he deserved the title. He also said he had been described as a bad boy. He demurred saying he was no longer a boy, but went on to say that French chefs, being in the business of pleasure, were almost honor bound to be bad boys. Right. With those words the guy is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I really liked this show.

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