Thursday, July 26, 2007


One of the things I just cannot seem to do in recent days is to figure out what I’d like to recommend for my newsletter’s August good thing to do. These are my recommend activities for movies, books and stuff to do for the last 7 months.

July – Five People You Meet in Heaven
June – Finding the Deep River Within
May - Pretending
April – Let Spirit Flow
March – Calm Down a Bit
February – Cleaning Up
January – Writing

I thought I’d put smiling in there somewhere. When did I say smiling? Oh, wonderful. Doodling! Yes, that is perfect. Thank you. Okay, now what should I say? Dear, we helped you to an idea. You can run with it.

Okay. Doodling. Doodling is good for passing the time while you’re on the phone on hold for somebody. That’s about the extent of my doodling. Oh, right, sometimes I doodle while I’m talking to somebody, but mostly, I think I pay attention to the conversation, so doodling on hold.
Except, that’s just doodling. What good is it? I guess that could be the snag. Other people might think like I do and figure what good is doodling? Well, I guess I could ask what it is. The mind is engaged while seemingly at rest. It’s sort of like twiddling your thumbs then. And, everybody maybe has the same sort of doodle that they do mostly. Like when I was a teenager I’d do whirls and hooks and such.

And, last night I did do some doodling while we were watching one of those forensic evidence cop shows on television.

So, that’s another place to do some doodling.

Could you do doodling deliberately maybe with some sort of purpose in mind?

Purposeful Doodling. I have to go to work right now, but I’ll think about it tonight. Now, that I’ve got something to think about.

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