Sunday, July 01, 2007

Eating Again? The Guides Help

I sat down this morning to do a little bit of writing and ended up doing a bit of channeling. Maybe it will help somebody who reads it.

What does it mean to honor yourself? Does it mean that you give into cravings so that you are always ready to supply your sweet tooth with whatever it wants? Does it mean that you think of yourself first and foremost before you think of other people?

In some cases, that would fit the bill. However, we ask that you think in terms of being healthy. If during a bout of depression or frustration you find yourself unable to express your feelings more than to bury them with adequate amount of food moving toward the idea that if it huts a Twinkie most certainly will make you feel better, we ask that you haul yourself up by some imaginary bootstraps and stop for a moment or two.

The next time you go to put something into your mouth put water instead. Water. A nice glass of water. For added comfort and sparkle and pizzazz add an ice cube or two.

Next, go out side for a bit of a walk. Not far. Just around the block. Not dressed? Get dressed. How hard is it to put on your blue jeans, a top and your shoes?

This is emergency first aid for your depressing behaviors.

Now, the hard part comes. It actually won’t take very long to do. You need about 20 minutes, maybe even just 10 minutes at a time. Our channel needs years to prepare.

It doesn’t get done in one day. It takes a long time to pick through the pain and heart ache a person might have and hold.

Here’s one way to do it.

Take a deep breath.

In your heart know that you are taking an inside journey to source of pain; to source of fear; wherever that might be. Know that you are safe.

As an adult you know how to take care of yourself. As a child you did not know how to take care of yourself. Other people did not understand what it was that you needed to express. Or, you were not allowed to express yourself.

Think of the frustrations you have lately experienced. Translate those feelings into memories from when you were a child.

When you were a baby you howled your displeasure. When you were three, and four, and five years old you were told to be quiet. When you were eight you learned to eat.

As an adult you kept quiet. As an adult you smoked, and you drank, and you ate to excess; to have a sense of control somewhere in your life. Something you regulated. You put it into your mouth. You were the one who said where, and what, and when. Control.

Allow whatever is there to surface for you to look at. Allow the child in your past to express themselves, to feel whatever is there for them to feel.

Aieee. Pauline back again. There is always hope.

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