Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Honey Do List

I’m making a Honey Do List for DeeDude. The most important thing I can think of is to get the DSL line working again. We have cable with Comcast now and it is so much faster than our old DSL connection ever was. However, when we left AT&T to go to Comcast we kept the old account because that represented years and years of email address use. To change that was just too much to think of. So, we went from spending over $50 a month to something like $15 for the slowsky version of DSL. Except even that won’t work.

We need to arrange for the DSL techs to come out to the house and fix what has been broken for over a year. It’s the principal. It’s irritating to me that we have to pay for the privilege of having an email address with them and nothing else. They were so surprised that we had the old copper wire. Well, they were the ones who installed it. And, the neighbors around us have been running their AT&T service on fiber optic cable for years? And, nobody told us? Right. I’m pissed off.

So, Number One on the Honey Do List for DeeDude is to get that thing fixed. Who knows? Maybe someday we’ll go back to them. I’d like to know that it works.

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