Saturday, July 21, 2007

“Lisey's Story” by Stephen King

I’m reading “Lisey's Story” by Stephen King right now. He’s one of my favorite writers. I bought it awhile back as an impulse purchase while I was in the checkout line at our local grocery store. Nora Roberts (also one of my favorite writers) wrote a glowing review about it and that really intrigued me. Anyway, I’ve just started it and as usual Stephen King is pushing my buttons. I was thinking something along these lines anyway the other day about how I don’t feel totally honest as I’m writing. It’s a really strange feeling, but it’s almost as if I’m not giving it 100%. I’m holding something back.

In “Lisey's Story” I’m sort of thinking that little bit I seem to be holding back on that other people hold back too. It feels like where you connect to the Cosmos and we just don’t talk about that all the time. It’s too weird. There are no words for it.

That’s what I love about stories by Stephen King. They make me think about things. And, if you’ve never read my stuff before I should say that if it weren’t for Stephen King I wouldn’t be channeling right now. It was me on overload with reading his books when I broke through into the psychic realms. I mean, maybe it might have happened some other way, but somehow I just don’t think so. So, should it surprise me that weird things are going on as I read, “Lisey’s Story” now? Anyway, it’s interesting. Once I’m done I’ll write a review to post on my other blog. For now, it’s what I’m doing today.

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RisibleGirl said...

I just picked up that book yesterday! I can't wait to read it. I love Stephen King too.