Saturday, July 21, 2007


I get a lot of requests for prayers from people. I don’t know what other people do when they’ve had maybe 200 requests over time, but I just can’t always remember everybody individually so I send out an all encompassing group prayer. I think of people who’ve asked for themselves or for others including animals. I remember those who most recently asked for prayers, but I also count on those from a long time ago who asked me to pray for them too to float to the surface of my awareness. I ask that the prayers I send out also be intended for anybody who needs a prayer from me whether they had specifically asked or even if they haven’t asked. And, I send it out.

It’s not words specifically. It’s not formless either. It’s more like love and energy. It’s sort of like sending healing Reiki rays. Sort of. I know I’m doing something when I get a tingling at the top or side of my head. Right now, just talking about it I’ve got the “tingling” at my left eyebrow.

God forbid it should happen other areas….bwwwaaagghhhh.

Hey, who was that?


This is serious here. People ask for prayers all the time and I just wanted to talk about it. Then, you come in with talking about something crude.

How do you know it was crude?

Well, I could tell. Vibrating other places.

I should think that many of your viewers are going to think the same thing.

Well, maybe they would, but why now? That’s what I’m wondering about.

Why what?

Why are you talking now when I was having a perfectly nice blog about prayer.

Sometimes, Dear, you get too serious.

Oh. Like prayer isn’t as important as we think it is?

No, because prayers are heard no matter who says them or how they say them. It’s that people are relying upon you to relay their prayers when they can just as easily pray themselves. Why should you be the one who prays for everybody?

Well, why not? Other people do it.

We merely wanted to point out that prayers are heard no matter who says them. People can pray their own prayers too. Our blessings.

Hey, thanks.

You’re welcome.

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