Monday, July 30, 2007

Straight Laced Psychic

Last night we were watching a show on television about folks who were investigating haunted places. It was on the Biography channel and called Dead Famous – Ghostly Encounters. In this episode they went looking for Lucille Ball. There have evidently been a number of sitings of Lucy since she passed on and off to Stage 2, The Queen Mary and the Hotel Del Coronado we went.

On the team is a sensitive and a skeptic. Nicely balanced and in this particular show the skeptic got it with both barrels. Whether it was Lucy or somebody else’s spirit I don’t know. I think Lucy was more than likely in there some place since they were looking for her, however, my own personal opinion is that there were a bunch of lookie-loo spirits who were attracted to the ghost hunters.

At the end of the show they did a séance and the sensitive went into full blown unconscious channeling mode. He twitched. He flayed himself out all over the table. He flung his head back. It was a show. I looked over at DeeDude and said, “This is why I never wanted to do unconscious channeling. I was afraid of making a spectacle of myself.” I said, “I have come close, but only if I have 3 drinks under my belt.” It has to do with relaxing and surrendering your space for awhile. I’ve just never been real comfortable doing that. Just call me a psychic with a stick up my ass. Think of your old 5th grade teacher. That’s me.

On the flip side there’s no show to what a conscious channel does. It’s blah. How can you tell they’re doing anything other than talking to themselves? Well, with me the guides do speak in a different voice. It’s a sort of 18th century or older voice. The words they choose are usually different than the ones I speak. I sometimes think it’s a voice of a European dude. A male voice. It’s deeper than my own and gravelly at times. But, that’s my style, I guess.

Wanting as far as flamboyancy goes. Jane used to give it up and channel Seth from the unconscious mode. I’ve just either not progressed that far or will never go that far. I don’t know. I can remember twirling around my kitchen once a long time ago channeling Tupac, gyrating and with a brother’s rapping voice. The lady I was channeling for just about wet her pants she was so thrilled. But, I guess that’s the extent of it.

Which all leads me to the dream I had this morning right before I woke up. I’m on the telephone talking to a man and a woman who want me to find their cat. I’m thinking I can’t do that. I don’t do that. I’m hopeless as a psychic to find this animal. But, somebody I was with urged me to try anyway. Somebody says, “Feng Shui” and I put the telephone to my ear. I begin hearing music and a white ring forms at the edge of my vision and narrows to a point in front of me. A whole bunch of them one after the other after the other. And, then I fall down to the floor (spectacle, folks) and begin writhing and singing with the music that I’m hearing over the phone. And, I think that maybe I can psychically find this missing cat.


Qiyamah A.Rahman said...

I stumbled on your blog and thoroughly enjoyed it. We have so much in common although that is not obvious at first glance. So you will have to trust me on that. Even down to the beading. I only got as far as years ago making prayer beads when I was a practicing Muslim. Now I am about to finish seminary and in January, 2008 go to Cape Town, South Africa to begin my academic and ministerial careers. I think I am living my dream and a whole lot of others dreams.

I am beginning to get a little nervous because I will go before the Fellowship Committee for my denomination (Unitarian Universalist). My ordination is already set and invitations sent for October. This is unheard of. One does not set their ordination date until after they go before the Committee. I have claimed my success which is why I was able to schedule my ordination without even entertaining anything less than success. Now I am starting to have a anxiety that if they find out what I have done that they will either think me arrogant or that they will throw up obstacles to prove me wrong.

I am needing to channel big time my ancestors and those that are calling me to ministry. That power and force is far greater than anything to the contrary.

I love your title, The Spirit Moved Me and Look What Happened!" I would like permission to use it for my ten minute sermon title that I will present as part of my one hour interview with the Committee. Do you have any words of wisdom for me?
warmest regards, Qiyamah

Lady Skye Fyre said...

I love to hear from folks who read my blogs. Your plans sound wonderful. And, rules were always made to be broken. If the powers that be object, find another way to do it. You're headed in that direction anyway and my feeling is you will get to where you are heading.

Channeling anyone, ancestors, learned church folk, the big boys as I sometimes call them is, interestingly enough, as easy as pretending. That's the first step. You have to suspend judgment and belief and for the next few moments you say to yourself that you will be speaking with your guide or somebody in spirit who has something of benefit to say to you. Why I make that small bit of a qualification is that as a person intends to channel you'll also hook up with the bystanders who want to say their 2 cents too. So, a bit of a qualification that you'll be speaking with your guide or ancestor or somebody along those lines. Elvis is fun, and I trust what he has to say along spiritual veins implicitly, but sometimes a person might crave something different. However, you'll also have to sort of trust that spirit will send you the perfect person to talk with and if it happens to be Mr. Rodgers, then Mr. Rodgers it is. This is not to belittle Mr. Rodgers or Elvis, but sometimes people think that they are so very special that they just have to speak with the most powerful, the most learned guide there is around. All the guides and folk in spirit are great.

There are the lower entities who for a newbie might be there more quickly than somebody who isn't so new at it, but that's part of the learning curve too. You can learn from everybody. Just strive for the most helpful, the best for you sort of connection you can get.

Even the bad guys I've spoken with have had good things to say. I really no longer try to dictate to spirit who they're going to send to talk to me. (I just got a psychic glimpse of some hair dresser off to stage right rubbing his hands...what a hoot these guys are!)

And, that is your cue not to take it all so seriously, I guess. It's wonderful. Do your work here, in this moment however you are drawn to do it. And, even if you don't get an obvious and very plain, absolutely unmistakable word from spirit on what to do next or a pat on the back that you're doing fine, know in your heart that you've got a great team of folks who are interested and applauding your progress.

If you are open to it and believe with the tiniest part of your being that folk in Spirit can hear every word you direct their way that is helpful. That's why they always say to us that our every prayer is heard. Might not all be answered the way we want them to be, but somebody up there heard what we had to say...or complain about, or shout about, or plead about, or whine about. However we phrase it, they heard it.

You should hear me when I go to the dentist: "Oh, God....sorry...Oh, shit....sorry...Oh, Jesus....sorry." I guess I've never broken the habit of thinking they might have been offended. The last time somebody in Spirit distracted me at the dentist with a nice story about Egypt and I made it through the dental procedures without any more bad words.

You're welcome to call your sermon, The Spirit Moved Me and Look What Happened. I'm sure I wasn't the first to use it. The title just sort of "came to me" one day. Not obviously from Spirit, but I think somebody may have had a hand in helping me along towards that title.

Before I began to channel there was always that one part of me that mourned not being one with God. I felt I'd turned away deliberately and there was no way I could be "saved" and good enough to earn the tiniest bit of regard from God. After I learned to channel I knew that all of us, no matter who we are, no matter what we do are connected solidly with Source. It is in our conscious regard of what we do in life, of who we help, of the love we can have for others that helps us to know Spirit better.