Saturday, July 28, 2007

What I'm Reading

Usually I don’t make too many comments about a book that I’m reading until I’m done with it and will pen my review for my I Read Books Blog. However, I’m making an exception for, "Lisey's Story"by Stephen King. Yummy. Under the Yum Yum tree.

This is exactly what I would expect to see from Stephen King. It’s not like it’s the same old, same old story I’ve heard before, but more that I expect to see primo, 100% quality writing and a look into his own writing, his own life at the same time. They say that stories, in the beginning of a writer’s career are mainly autobiographical implying as you age into your writing life you’re not going to be drawing upon your own life at the same time, but I think that’s a crock.

I can imagine how after his own bout with being flung almost 20 feet into the air by a distracted (is saying it really diplomatically) driver and the ensuing fight for his life how that experience is now translated into, “Lisey’s Story”. I can see how much of what happens with Lisey could very well be what Stephen’s own wife Tabitha must have experienced during that time. I’ve read what Stephen King said in, “On Writing” to know that going to the pool to drink, where Scott Landon, Lisey’s husband comes up with his stories is so eerily similar to what King himself describes as going out into the desert to excavate for the stories that he writes. So, I can see what I feel are the personal touches in a story. Sort of a joke, a gem for people to find. Sort of like when Stephen King does a movie and makes one of those little cameo appearances in the beginning, much like Alfred Hitchock used to do in his movies.

The other thing I expect to see from Stephen King is the really fast parts of horror. I don’t like them. I sometimes have to stop when I get to those parts, but I pick up and push through them doggedly, knowing the good guys are going to be brave and that I will not be disappointed. I know that the end will be good, that the bad guys will fail and the good guys will win. That’s just how his books always go. I know that the good guys will get help to get them out of the horror, so I push on with that hope in sight.

I’m almost done with this book…maybe another three quarters of an inch left to go. Maybe later on today or tomorrow I’ll be writing my review. But, I just had to say something before that. This is the writer who spurred me on both as a psychic and as a writer. We have our heroes in life and one of mine is Stephen King.

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