Monday, August 27, 2007

Saving Grace

I recently started watching, “Saving Grace” on TNT. I think this show is wonderful. Holly Hunter plays Grace, a hard drinking, smoking, cussing detective who, one night as she’s driving drunk hits a man. She is stunned and in the throes of her horror over what she has done pleads with God to help her. When she stops her car to go look for the man she has run over he is nowhere around. God made it all go away.

Later she meets Earl who is a hard drinking angel. People he has saved refer to him as a Last Chance Angel. If he can’t help you nobody can. He’s there to save Grace’s butt. Only she doesn’t want to be saved and doesn’t think too highly of God anyway.

If you get the opportunity to watch this show, do it. It’s a who-done-it detective show, but meanwhile there’s Earl trying to save Grace. If you've got a high speed internet connection you can watch the latest episode on-line.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Aligning the Chakras

Here's something interesting Seth told me once a long time ago. He said sex aligns the chakras. Now, in the back of my head right now I'm hearing, "I did not say that. I said having an orgasm will align the chakras." I stand corrected. In any case, I thought it was sort of interesting.

How this came up is that I've got a couple of Boji stones. The female one is round and smooth. The male stone is bumpy and irregular in shape. When I first got them they would repel each other magnetically. Now, they won't. I didn't know what had happened. I went on the internet and a few sources say that you should not store them together (which I did) or they will lose their magnetic power and that you can re-charge them in the sun or in moonlight. They are used to help with psychic stuff, to take away pain, to balance yin and yang and to help to re-align the chakras. That's when I remembered that little factoid about sex..ur...orgasms.

I Know What You Need

Okay, here’s something to chew on. If you get a psychic sense about somebody is it your responsibility to volunteer that information? My answer is no. Hold your tongue. Wait until they ask. I have learned the hard way that people do not appreciate being given unsolicited advice, psychic or otherwise. If they wanted help they would ask.

But, what do you do about somebody who is pissing and moaning about this, that and the other thing and whether you are psychic or not you know in your heart what would solve their problem. Interestingly, the same rule applies. Don’t say anything. They just want to hear themselves piss and moan. What you can do is not listen to it. You could set your timer for 10 minutes and at the end of it say goodbye, change the subject or, God forbid, tell them you don’t want to hear it anymore. Much as you may love these folks, they are energy sappers and at the end of it you will be all roiled up in their sorry stories. You've got a life to live too, so the sooner you stop listening to their crap the sooner you can rebound and go do something you'd like to do.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Dream I Had

I love it when I channel in a dream. So, here’s my dream from this morning:

I was at a birthday party. Except, I’m normally very shy and I don’t do the mingling thing well. And, I really didn’t know anybody at this party. I hung around in the background and in the back rooms of this house until I figured it was time to go. To be polite I felt I needed to say thank you to somebody and to be really polite it ought to be a thank you to the birthday boy. Except, I didn’t even know who he was. To make things worse all the people I’d come with were gone and I didn’t think they were hanging around outside waiting for me to show up in order for us to all pile into the car and go home. Well, I’d figure that one out once I was outside. Maybe I could walk home.

So, I made my way to the front door. There appeared to be a host of sorts standing there and I wondered if maybe I’d lucked out and this was the birthday boy. I said thank you and as I was standing there in front of him I thought what a chicken I was and maybe this wasn’t the guy. There wasn’t such a large crowd anymore in the front room so I went in there in search of more people to thank.

There were a bunch of folks sitting on the floor scattered around the edges of the room. I walked in and began greeting them and making small talk. I still wasn’t comfortable, but at least it wasn’t as bad as it had been before when I’d been doing the wall flower thing in the back of the house.

Everybody at this party was black. I’m white and I was feeling sort of out of place. But, they now appeared to be friendly and I was sort of settling in now that the party was breaking up.

I was not letting on that I am psychic. I did not feel that it was appropriate and I felt that if I said anything it would raise more questions than it answered, so I was keeping mum about it. Except, this new lady comes in and starts moaning about something. I glance at her and I can’t really understand what she’s talking about. I lean in closer. She is talking to me. Now, she’s getting really upset and she’s crying and the best I can figure out is she is super worried about a number of people. She’s almost crying and her agitation is getting worse.

I have white gloves on. I take the one on my right hand off. I grab her right hand. The ladies in the room with us are suddenly enlightened as to who I am. I am the psychic. The one who reads palms. Except, I don’t read palms, but I was busy with this upset lady and I didn’t want to be explaining what I was doing to the rest of the crowd. I needed to concentrate on her.

I thought to myself, though, reading palms might not be such a bad idea. I looked at the lady’s palm. No good. I don’t read palms. So, I covered her palm with my hand and one of the bystanders says to the room, “She’s warming it up.” Well, that sounded good. I am a 2nd degree Reiki practitioner, maybe that would work, though I haven’t used it in a really long time, but who knows? The lady is still upset and I still can’t understand what she’s talking about. I’m thinking I really need to know what is wrong in order to offer some advice and with all the people making comments in the background this is getting harder and harder.

Then, this sort of loud guy gets into my face. He was probably the birthday boy and figured he could take liberties or something, but he’s really interfering with what I’m trying to do. I’m getting irritated between the lady who has asked me for help and who won't stop crying and moaning, the ladies in the background with their comments and now this nut who is really in my face making revealing comments about how I’m the psychic who reads hands and such.

That’s when Spirit stepped in. I felt it happening. I started swaying. I didn’t stand up, but I kneeled up. I’d been hunkered down on the floor with the lady, but now I’m on reared up on my knees. I’m taller than I was, but I’m still holding the lady’s hand. Now, I’m swaying. In my mind I know that Spirit has moved in and they’re being really dramatic, more dramatic than I normally am, but measures because of the crowd need to be taken. Okay, I’m game. What are you going to do? And, I start swaying. I’m in the grip of Spirit. Folks are starting to be awed and stand back and give me the room I need. This is a show now. I’m thinking this is totally unnecessary and Spirit is putting on a show and now we are going to be scaring people. Except birthday boy is not standing back. He’s really in my face now. He’s excited as all get out. Oh, shit. I’m swaying and thinking that the movement is very much like a cobra and wondering what the hell is going to happen next. I’m still holding this lady’s hand.

That’s when it happened. You know how a lion roars? Right. That’s what came out of my mouth. Birthday boy is 2 inches away from my face, dancing and keeping time with my swaying cobra movements and Wowwwwww Roarrrrrrrrr comes out of my mouth. Except it was more along the lines of Gnnnnnnngggggtththththhhthth. It was the snore to end all snores. I’m surprised I didn’t wake myself up.

Anyway, birthday boy stands back real quick and that’s when the channeling part starts. I am now channeling and it’s all coming out in a deeper male voice which is how I channel. My husband says it is very weird so I usually don’t do it in front of him. But, I was in this dream. Here’s what the guides (Seth) said to the lady: "When everything around you is in turmoil you can be at peace. You must be the one to make a choice as to what you will be. You cannot control what is happening in the lives of others. That will continue to unfold according to their wants, desires and needs. But, you have a choice to make and you can be at peace in the midst of turmoil. It is your choice."

I’m thinking I still didn’t know exactly what this lady’s complaint was, but the advice from Spirit sounded good, so maybe I worry too much about stuff. They seemed to have taken care of whatever needed to have been taken care of. Then, I snored again and woke myself up.

I guess I just need to chill out.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An E-mail I Got

Here's an e-mail I got this morning:

Would you happen to know how I am supposed to deal with the emotional complications (feeling of their pain and information transference, among other things) when they start, well um,... I'm sorry, I really cannot put into words how they communicate through me, I don't see things or hear things I just know what it is that I'm supposed to know, it is random and occurring much more frequently. It gets much more complicated and every time they... I break down into tears because not only do I understand what I am supposed to know but I feel their anguish or pain in many different aspects. Oh, and another thing, how am I supposed to explain these and many other occurrences to any one without people thinking I am crazy including TRULY prophetic dreams, from the ({tsunami years ago} to the recent earthquakes. I am not crazy or a schizoid... please advise if possible.Thank You.

And, my answer:

Opening to psychic stuff is really unnerving. It just is. And, it will eventually stop being so uncomfortable for you. Either it will calm down and you will be able to get the same info with far fewer blasts to the head from the old mallet Spirit wields or you will just get used to it and it will continue at the same intensity but you will not break down when it happens. Either or. Will it stop? It might. Like what did I do? Well, I still tear up when I'm talking to the dearly deceased sometimes, but I also know just from general information I've gotten from the guides that everybody, without exception, who has passed over is okay. So, the info I'm getting is the same but I can just deal with it better.

One thing that is definitely happening with you and happens to everybody without exception with opening to psychic experiences is that your own psychological growth buttons are going to be pushed. Will you need a therapist to help you make your way through it all? Maybe. Maybe not. My own personal feeling is that no matter what psychic phenomena you are presently experiencing you are not crazy and you should go see a therapist for a few times to straighten your psychological butt out a little bit. Not totally. Nobody can (I think) completely straighten their psyche out completely, but you can certainly tweak a few things. It's what makes us human. We were all hurt as children. I don't care who you are. I don't care how happy your life has been. There are these weenie and sometimes larger than weenie psychological hurts we all carry around. You can go for years without it hurting or bothering you but, one day...the day you open to psychic stuff it's all there for you to deal with. The quicker you do so the more fulfilling your new psychic life is going to be.

How do you find a sympathetic therapist? A therapist who isn't going to say you are crazy for what you feel as a psychic? Find a number in the phone book or on the internet for somebody who is local. Call and ask them. You might try looking for a transpersonal therapist. Just tell the truth and say, "Hey, I've recently been experiencing psychic phenomena. I've been having prophetic dreams. I think I'm an empath where I feel the emotions coming in from the other side and it's really overwhelming. Are you open to people with psychic abilities and can I come talk to you for a few appointments?"

As far as how are you supposed to explain your psychic experiences to all and sundry? Don't do it. Really, I'm not kidding. The best way to get a whole lot of negative feedback is to go blabbing around about what you are feeling to everybody you know. They will stop talking to you. They will look at you funny. They will tell your mother. The family will have secret conferences about you and how you have suddenly gone nuts. Just don't talk about this stuff to everybody you know. Instead, speak of it only to people who appear to be open to the idea of this psychic stuff. The worst thing I think you can do for yourself (and I speak from experience) is to be flung into a horrible depression because all the people you care about deeply don't believe you are really having these wonderful psychic experiences. Instead, go hang out with other psychics for awhile. There's a wonderful group of them at Spirit and Soul. Their url is: They have great chats and classes and you can practice being psychic there.

I hope this helps you. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to use your question and my answer in my blog. It's just a terrific question you asked. I know about the information's telepathic. It just happens...boom, you know. Play with it. Ask your guide to help you with it. Ask them to tell you slowly about stuff. Use automatic writing to see how that's like. Explore all the different ways to communicate with the other side. Practice lucid dreaming. You can't change the future with the prophetic dreams. And, you can't feel responsible for them either. It just is. It's like people who get barometric headaches and know rain is coming in 3 days' time. Are they responsible for the storm? No. They just know it is coming and don't plan a picnic.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Scary Psychic Reading

What happens if you get a bad psychic reading? I’m talking about a reading that leaves you feeling uneasy or even frightened.

Well, I think the thing to do is to first of all look at what you are afraid of. What did the psychic say that pushed your button? Is it that somebody is going to become ill or be involved in a mishap? Is it that you are in some sort of danger?

There is this rule of thumb out there that says God will not give you anything to do that you cannot handle. Face it, no matter how hard life has been for you at times you’ve always gotten through the rough stuff. It might have been unpleasant. It might have been scary. But, you did it. Does knowing that “something” is soon to happen going to change how you handle it? Could you possibly avoid it? I don’t think so, not for long anyway. You might postpone something, but if you’re slated to kick off on March 15th and somehow manage to evade the thing that was going to happen, the thing that was going to send you packing to the great beyond, hey, there’s always March 27th. It will happen. We are all gong to die.

Just be prepared. As well as you can. If you are an adult and have people who depend upon you having your burial plot all picked out and paid for is a great help. Also, if you’ve got a special insurance policy just for the casket and the funeral your loved ones are not going to be doubly burdened by the grief they are feeling because you’ve kicked off, but the kick in the financial pants trying to get you buried somewhere. It’s just the polite and responsible thing to do. And, if you’re not willing to be that prepared? At least have a nest egg and/or provisions to help out. I know you’ll be gone and I know you won’t give a rat’s ass about all of this after you’ve kicked the bucket, but, you can think about your loved ones now. And all of that is worst case scenario.

What if the reading is about somebody you know? What if the psychic tells you that somebody close to you is going to sicken in the next few months? And, it happens? Did they cause it? No. Come on. Get a clue here. The future is fluid. Anything can happen. The idea is not to be afraid of what will happen in the future. The idea is to enjoy living in the moment. Plan ahead, but don’t live in the future. You live here. Now. Enjoy it.

By the way….the picture is of DeeDude's and my headstone in Mountain View Cemetery. We aren’t there yet…obviously.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lucid Dream

I had a lucid dream this morning. I’ve had a few over the years, but it had been some time and this one was different in that it lasted longer than any other one I’ve ever had.

The scene in the dream began as a normal dream. Normal for me, anyway. There were hundreds of people all around. They were all from the Middle East. There was terrible trouble going on and everybody was fleeing that-a-way. I was with them. So was DeeDude. But, we kept getting separated. If you’ve ever seen DeeDude and me in Cost-Co it’s the same thing.

We were all fleeing before a huge tsunami of water which, in the dream I remember thinking was a pretty odd phenomena seeing as how we were in a desert. Not only was it a wall of water that everybody was running from, but there were also a bunch of bad guys. Total pandemonium.

Right before I went lucid in the dream I had been cornered in an area of a long building that was being used as a hospital for people who’d been injured in the war and the flight. A helpful nurse injected my knee with something that was supposed to help protect me.

Again, I’m separated from DeeDude and I began hollering for him. Now, I’m out of the building and on the land. Guys are reaching out from the dunes to drag at me and I’m trying to evade their hands. These are getting to be the bad guys. Not totally bad guys, but bad enough. I’m hollering again for DeeDude. Normally, in any dream where I’m going to start hollering I can’t get enough energy or breath together to make much of a satisfactory dent at all in the hollering aspects. It comes out like a really wimpy breath of soft whisper. Not a good holler at all. Never. And that’s how this segment of hollering for DeeDude was going. Except, in this dream I didn’t give up like I usually do. I kept hollering.

So, here’s part of the dream going on and I try the hollering bit. No DeeDude. Then, mysteriously he shows up for awhile. Then, he’s gone again and I try hollering again meanwhile fleeing for our lives. This went on for a long time through the dream. Lots of hollering for DeeDude. Lots of being separated from him.

What finally cracked it from a normal nightmarish sort of dream to a real valid lucid dream was the hollering. And, it went from the wimpy dreamish hollering to really loud, long, full lung fulls of breath hollering. Bingo. I’m lucid. DeeDude is now holding me. I’m laughing and crying and saying, “I’m dreaming. Look at this! I’m dreaming!” I look around from the protection of his arms around me to really notice now the stuff on the walls of the inside-outside room we are in. Lots of pictures on the walls. And, I’m crying and each and every single tear that falls from my eyes sparkles like a diamond.

What was really interesting to me is that 95% of this dream was normal dreaming quality and that tiny 5% at the end was lucid. But, this lucid part was longer than I’ve ever experienced before and I got to share it with DeeDude.

Cool dream.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


On the weekends I like to have a mid-morning nap. Sort of like a cat nap. It’s not that I’m overly tired or anything, it’s just that I can go back to bed if I feel like it and both days this weekend I did that. So, this morning I’m lying in bed sort of snoozing and I was considering how I don’t have that many psychic hits these days. Actually, if I do have a psychic hit I don’t always know that I realize I’m having one while it is happening. Generally, it’s a day later where I’m getting confirmation of the hit that I realize I’d done something along psychic lines the day before. Anyhow, I was sort of pissing and moaning about how I figure I must be a half-assed psychic and one of the guides said that I needed to make time for being psychic. Special times. Not just any old time, but a deliberate choice of time to be psychic. Well, that made sense to me and, encouraged, I settled in for a bit of being psychic. I waited and something floated into my vision. It looked sort of like the side view of a skull and I could see the upper orbits of the eye sockets. At least, that’s what I thought it looked like. Then, it went away. Right away I said, “I want to see that again. I’m not sure what it was and I want to see it again.” I’ve actually never done that before. And, it worked.

Here comes a skull. This time there is no mistaking what it is. I’m seeing it face on. And, I see a hand holding it. I begin to expand my awareness and I sense a Shaman holding his or her skull for me to see. They are showing me this was their gateway to things psychic. Without words it was implied that I’d be a good candidate for this sort of stuff because I don’t scare easy, at least with psychic stuff. So, I thought that was encouraging and interesting and figured I’d share it with you.

Anniversasry Dinner - Sauerbraten!

We’re having sauerbraten for dinner tonight. It’s been marinating since Wednesday evening. I decided to put it into the crock pot and cook for 4 hours instead of on the stove for 3. I’ll be checking it as the afternoon wears on to see how it’s going. I might be turning the heat off early if it cooks up sooner than the 4 hours.

Spatzle, red cabbage and rolls to go with it. I’ll take pictures as we move through the preparations. Our neighbor Phil is coming over to eat with us. This is celebrating DeeDude’s and my 31st wedding anniversary.

Laurel Fair

We went to a music festival in our neighborhood yesterday. In past years the music was so loud that we could hear it all day long from our house, just a block away from the action. But, yesterday, as the afternoon wore on I was concerned they weren’t even having it because we couldn’t hear a thing. Not to worry. They were there.

I wandered over about 4:30 in the afternoon and got some pictures. DeeDude was signing books at the Laurel Bookstore booth for his new book, “Oakland’s Laurel District”. The first of the books came in on Thursday. He’s giving a walking tour this morning and has another 10 to take with him. We’re jazzed about it. When they get settled on how they want to distribute them I will provide links.
I am very proud of my husband's work. Go DeeDude!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


What makes you happy? When I was younger I would really look forward to an evening spent in a neighborhood bar. As I got older and especially when I stopped drinking that particular delight faded away. Nowadays, I think the one thing I enjoy most of all is reading. I’ve got a collection of favorite books that I will reach for and read again and again. This, too, is different than when I was younger. In those days I would read a book once and that was an end to it: I had read the book. Nowadays, I get an urge that comes over me to snag one of my favorites off of the shelf and read it.

I’ve even got a set of books, The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon, where I will sometimes grab one at random and read just enough until I am satisfied. Not even the whole book and not even from the first in the series. Sometimes not even from the beginning of the book. I’ll start reading from wherever the book opens for me. Just dipping in and out again.

I think that’s sort of interesting. Something else that has happened, though, with my reading habits as I’ve gotten older. The books I read before and I begin reading again? Sometimes I can’t remember what’s going to happen, so, in a sense it’s sort of like reading the book for the first time.

I’m going to dip back into the last Harry Potter book. There’s enough time before I need to get ready for work that I can get a bit more read. The way I’ve been going with it I think I’ll have it finished tonight. Good book. I’m sorry to see it be the last one. Of course, I can always start reading them from the beginning again.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Do I Have a Cold?

It might be that I'm coming down with a cold. We've got a chilly, overcast day going on today, but that is not at all unusual for morning weather in these parts. What matters is about noon it all burns off and it turns into a sunny, summer day. However, I'm sneezing. I am not generally affected by the cooler mornings in any fashion and, in fact, love the chilly part of the day to bits. Except, today I've been sneezing up a storm.

I went back to bed for a couple of hours, but that also isn't unusual because on the weekends I do relish a mid-morning cat nap on Saturday and on Sunday. I had one yesterday and one again today. Just woke up from it a little while ago. And, I'm sweating. It's cold out and I'm sweating. Is this a menopause fritz? Or, do I have a cold? I really can't tell right now because the other typical symptoms for a cold are not present, like headache, chills and fever. Well, I won't worry about it. If I've got a cold I've got a cold. It'll go away. In the meantime I'll just keep Kleenex close to hand.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ricci Kilgore

A look at what stem cell research can actually do.

My 500th Post

What I’d like to know is what difference does it make whether you pray or not? I’m hearing major gasps from Spirit Land. Okay. I woke up this morning at 3:00. Too early to get up and not really able to go back to sleep anymore. I can’t turn on the bedside light because I’ll wake DeeDude up. What to do now? That’s when I pray. That’s when I go through the list of folks I’m aware of who are hurting. Generally, they’re either in poor health overall or they’re suffering from an illness right now. I had about 9 of them that I was aware of this morning.

I’m not really sure how to do this. I don’t think it really matters because I’m not sure what I do makes a difference anyway. That’s the bummer part of it. Why do it at all? Anyway, I’m trying to send out Reiki rays of healing. I’m a 2nd Degree Reiki practitioner, except, I don’t do it much. I think I’ve lost the touch. But, I remember what it feels like and I’m sending out these Reiki rays of healing to all these folks anyway. First I concentrate on one, then on another. Then, I’m feeling overwhelmed by it all. It was just one doubting thought after another.

That’s when one of the guides asked me to visualize everybody as a portion on a plate. That way they’re all there. And, I can relate to food items easily. Where I started having a problem was when I started visualizing all these little people on a plate. The guides said no, like potato slices. That’s when I really got sort of confused. But, it’s an idea that I’d like to revisit. They don’t generally suggest things just for the heck of it. So, this idea is something I feel I need to look at more.

Now, the idea of whether it’s even worthwhile to do it in the first place. I suppose if you subscribe to the idea that you create your own reality which is something the guides are into in a big way, then praying for somebody does have merit. Also, I wonder about the degree of prayer. What about all these little half-hearted attempts…more even like thoughts of the individuals that cross my mind at different points during the day? How different is praying for somebody than from ordinary worry?

Okay, I’m turning this over to the guides to talk. It’s been awhile since I did that.

Yes, Dear, we would agree with your assessment on that particular point. Fervent heartfelt prayer or healing is always more effective than a slap dash or halfhearted prayer or healing session. In the field of manifestation the more emotion you can get behind a thought the more real it is going to become. It is a part of the process of manifesting. The other part is in being open to the changes which will be necessary for you to effect the desired change in your life. This is why Amway conventions are so effective. When you get excited about something the likelihood of you actually doing said thing is greater than if you say, “Oh, one of these years I’m going to lose some weight and write a book.” It’s the difference between pissing and moaning and effective, constructive action taken toward a goal.

  • Have the goal. Establish a clear-cut goal.

  • Get excited about the idea of working toward that goal.

  • Persevere. Don’t just do it once and expect the “thing” to happen.

  • Have faith that what you are doing is necessary.

  • Be willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve the goal no matter how distasteful to you those steps might be. For instance if being in the library more often than you are in a bar partying with your friends is going to enable you to complete your coursework, then, that is a necessary step towards your goal.

  • After having almost obsessed about the goal for a period of time let the whole thing go and allow the universe to step in with the ball you just set in motion to finish up the job.

  • There is also the old saying of, “Be careful what you pray for; it might come true.” to consider. This is where the desired outcome isn’t quite what you had visualized, but everything considered it is the best possible outcome. For instance, you hate the shape of your nose. You absolutely despise it. And, so your goal is to get a nose job. It costs a lot of money, but eventually you are able to save up the money. However, it turns out that no doctor is going to be able to do exactly what it is that you want them to do. It is just not possible. They got close, but it wasn’t exactly what you had in mind. You have a choice now. You can continue to hate your nose for the rest of your life or you can learn to love it just the way it is. Learning to love your nose is the better way to go.

  • There will be steps you will need to continue to practice to achieve the desired outcome, but you will know in your heart what they are. It’s called developing good habits. For instance, if the goal was to have a degree or certification from a school of higher learning, not going to your classes is going to put a monkey wrench right into your plans.

  • And, have faith. It does work.

Friday, August 03, 2007

A Talking Turd

I had the weirdest dream I’ve ever had in my life. It was a talking turd. I’m not kidding. Right before I awakened this morning in my dream I walked by a toilet that hadn’t been flushed. It wasn’t me, folks. Anyway, the turd to end all turds lay in the water. I flushed the toilet and it wouldn’t go down. I realized why whoever had left it that way had gone. It just wasn’t going to go down. It began to rise up. I mean the turd rose up on its end. Really large now.

I’m thinking that this is really strange. I’m starting to get freaked out. I think to myself if I can break it up maybe it will go down the plumbing. I consider doing a karate chop on this standing on its end turd when it suddenly develops a mouth and begins to speak. And, to sing. I’m totally freaked out. I realize there’s no way I can kill a talking turd with a karate chop. Off somewhere in the room I hear two guys talking on a radio. They’re having a good old time talking about this talking turd. They began to imitate how the turd talked: “Well, pppfffrrrt, whatpppfffrrrt, do you thinkppppfffrrrrrrt. And…I woke up. Now, somebody analyze that one for me please.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

That Was a Good Idea

One of the things that I find very interesting about being a psychic is how to integrate the flaming psychic parts of myself into normal everyday activities without looking too obvious. Actually, it’s something that everybody can do whether they are flaming psychics or not. Well, not flaming, but acknowledged psychic. Maybe that’s a better term.

It’s like what my physical therapist was telling me the other day about how to do back strengthening exercises all day long without looking like I was getting ready to bench press a huge amount of weight. Just do the exercises, but do them quietly. Do them unobtrusively. No need to screw up your face and make grunting noises.

Same thing with acknowledging psychic stuff. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing, put your hand to your head, close your eyes, grimace and receive the words of wisdom or whatever it is that’s coming your way in a psychic manner. It’s more like, “Oh, that’s a good idea.” Now, don’t get me wrong, people have “good ideas” all the time. But, you can, after awhile of studying the matter, differentiate between what is a regular good idea and what is a good idea that is originating from a guide or somebody in spirit or even your own, bless them, higher self.

One of the guides just said most good ideas are going to originate from you anyway. It’s sort of unusual to have them coming from spirit I guess. Mostly those guys (I think) sit around up there chuckling and nudging each other while they watch us go about our business and leave us to our own devices. But, like I said before, sometimes there are obvious psychic inputs going on.

Like the other day at work. We couldn’t figure something out. I forget now even what it was. It was just that we couldn’t think of who, or what, or when it was that concerned something we were dealing with. We’d puzzled over it. We’d both made suggestions and each of us shot down the other’s ideas. We were stumped. Suddenly, out of my mouth is the answer. My co-worker looked at me and said, “How’d you figure that out?” I sort of shrugged and wasn’t actually going to fess up, but I did, in the end say, “Sometimes the psychic stuff does work.” It just felt right. I can’t make it happen. If I could make it happen on demand I’d be out there helping solve crimes and finding things and stuff like that. But, every once in awhile it happens. I think it’s my job as a developing psychic to know the difference.