Sunday, August 05, 2007

Do I Have a Cold?

It might be that I'm coming down with a cold. We've got a chilly, overcast day going on today, but that is not at all unusual for morning weather in these parts. What matters is about noon it all burns off and it turns into a sunny, summer day. However, I'm sneezing. I am not generally affected by the cooler mornings in any fashion and, in fact, love the chilly part of the day to bits. Except, today I've been sneezing up a storm.

I went back to bed for a couple of hours, but that also isn't unusual because on the weekends I do relish a mid-morning cat nap on Saturday and on Sunday. I had one yesterday and one again today. Just woke up from it a little while ago. And, I'm sweating. It's cold out and I'm sweating. Is this a menopause fritz? Or, do I have a cold? I really can't tell right now because the other typical symptoms for a cold are not present, like headache, chills and fever. Well, I won't worry about it. If I've got a cold I've got a cold. It'll go away. In the meantime I'll just keep Kleenex close to hand.

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