Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Dream I Had

I love it when I channel in a dream. So, here’s my dream from this morning:

I was at a birthday party. Except, I’m normally very shy and I don’t do the mingling thing well. And, I really didn’t know anybody at this party. I hung around in the background and in the back rooms of this house until I figured it was time to go. To be polite I felt I needed to say thank you to somebody and to be really polite it ought to be a thank you to the birthday boy. Except, I didn’t even know who he was. To make things worse all the people I’d come with were gone and I didn’t think they were hanging around outside waiting for me to show up in order for us to all pile into the car and go home. Well, I’d figure that one out once I was outside. Maybe I could walk home.

So, I made my way to the front door. There appeared to be a host of sorts standing there and I wondered if maybe I’d lucked out and this was the birthday boy. I said thank you and as I was standing there in front of him I thought what a chicken I was and maybe this wasn’t the guy. There wasn’t such a large crowd anymore in the front room so I went in there in search of more people to thank.

There were a bunch of folks sitting on the floor scattered around the edges of the room. I walked in and began greeting them and making small talk. I still wasn’t comfortable, but at least it wasn’t as bad as it had been before when I’d been doing the wall flower thing in the back of the house.

Everybody at this party was black. I’m white and I was feeling sort of out of place. But, they now appeared to be friendly and I was sort of settling in now that the party was breaking up.

I was not letting on that I am psychic. I did not feel that it was appropriate and I felt that if I said anything it would raise more questions than it answered, so I was keeping mum about it. Except, this new lady comes in and starts moaning about something. I glance at her and I can’t really understand what she’s talking about. I lean in closer. She is talking to me. Now, she’s getting really upset and she’s crying and the best I can figure out is she is super worried about a number of people. She’s almost crying and her agitation is getting worse.

I have white gloves on. I take the one on my right hand off. I grab her right hand. The ladies in the room with us are suddenly enlightened as to who I am. I am the psychic. The one who reads palms. Except, I don’t read palms, but I was busy with this upset lady and I didn’t want to be explaining what I was doing to the rest of the crowd. I needed to concentrate on her.

I thought to myself, though, reading palms might not be such a bad idea. I looked at the lady’s palm. No good. I don’t read palms. So, I covered her palm with my hand and one of the bystanders says to the room, “She’s warming it up.” Well, that sounded good. I am a 2nd degree Reiki practitioner, maybe that would work, though I haven’t used it in a really long time, but who knows? The lady is still upset and I still can’t understand what she’s talking about. I’m thinking I really need to know what is wrong in order to offer some advice and with all the people making comments in the background this is getting harder and harder.

Then, this sort of loud guy gets into my face. He was probably the birthday boy and figured he could take liberties or something, but he’s really interfering with what I’m trying to do. I’m getting irritated between the lady who has asked me for help and who won't stop crying and moaning, the ladies in the background with their comments and now this nut who is really in my face making revealing comments about how I’m the psychic who reads hands and such.

That’s when Spirit stepped in. I felt it happening. I started swaying. I didn’t stand up, but I kneeled up. I’d been hunkered down on the floor with the lady, but now I’m on reared up on my knees. I’m taller than I was, but I’m still holding the lady’s hand. Now, I’m swaying. In my mind I know that Spirit has moved in and they’re being really dramatic, more dramatic than I normally am, but measures because of the crowd need to be taken. Okay, I’m game. What are you going to do? And, I start swaying. I’m in the grip of Spirit. Folks are starting to be awed and stand back and give me the room I need. This is a show now. I’m thinking this is totally unnecessary and Spirit is putting on a show and now we are going to be scaring people. Except birthday boy is not standing back. He’s really in my face now. He’s excited as all get out. Oh, shit. I’m swaying and thinking that the movement is very much like a cobra and wondering what the hell is going to happen next. I’m still holding this lady’s hand.

That’s when it happened. You know how a lion roars? Right. That’s what came out of my mouth. Birthday boy is 2 inches away from my face, dancing and keeping time with my swaying cobra movements and Wowwwwww Roarrrrrrrrr comes out of my mouth. Except it was more along the lines of Gnnnnnnngggggtththththhhthth. It was the snore to end all snores. I’m surprised I didn’t wake myself up.

Anyway, birthday boy stands back real quick and that’s when the channeling part starts. I am now channeling and it’s all coming out in a deeper male voice which is how I channel. My husband says it is very weird so I usually don’t do it in front of him. But, I was in this dream. Here’s what the guides (Seth) said to the lady: "When everything around you is in turmoil you can be at peace. You must be the one to make a choice as to what you will be. You cannot control what is happening in the lives of others. That will continue to unfold according to their wants, desires and needs. But, you have a choice to make and you can be at peace in the midst of turmoil. It is your choice."

I’m thinking I still didn’t know exactly what this lady’s complaint was, but the advice from Spirit sounded good, so maybe I worry too much about stuff. They seemed to have taken care of whatever needed to have been taken care of. Then, I snored again and woke myself up.

I guess I just need to chill out.

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