Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An E-mail I Got

Here's an e-mail I got this morning:

Would you happen to know how I am supposed to deal with the emotional complications (feeling of their pain and information transference, among other things) when they start, well um,... I'm sorry, I really cannot put into words how they communicate through me, I don't see things or hear things I just know what it is that I'm supposed to know, it is random and occurring much more frequently. It gets much more complicated and every time they... I break down into tears because not only do I understand what I am supposed to know but I feel their anguish or pain in many different aspects. Oh, and another thing, how am I supposed to explain these and many other occurrences to any one without people thinking I am crazy including TRULY prophetic dreams, from the ({tsunami years ago} to the recent earthquakes. I am not crazy or a schizoid... please advise if possible.Thank You.

And, my answer:

Opening to psychic stuff is really unnerving. It just is. And, it will eventually stop being so uncomfortable for you. Either it will calm down and you will be able to get the same info with far fewer blasts to the head from the old mallet Spirit wields or you will just get used to it and it will continue at the same intensity but you will not break down when it happens. Either or. Will it stop? It might. Like what did I do? Well, I still tear up when I'm talking to the dearly deceased sometimes, but I also know just from general information I've gotten from the guides that everybody, without exception, who has passed over is okay. So, the info I'm getting is the same but I can just deal with it better.

One thing that is definitely happening with you and happens to everybody without exception with opening to psychic experiences is that your own psychological growth buttons are going to be pushed. Will you need a therapist to help you make your way through it all? Maybe. Maybe not. My own personal feeling is that no matter what psychic phenomena you are presently experiencing you are not crazy and you should go see a therapist for a few times to straighten your psychological butt out a little bit. Not totally. Nobody can (I think) completely straighten their psyche out completely, but you can certainly tweak a few things. It's what makes us human. We were all hurt as children. I don't care who you are. I don't care how happy your life has been. There are these weenie and sometimes larger than weenie psychological hurts we all carry around. You can go for years without it hurting or bothering you but, one day...the day you open to psychic stuff it's all there for you to deal with. The quicker you do so the more fulfilling your new psychic life is going to be.

How do you find a sympathetic therapist? A therapist who isn't going to say you are crazy for what you feel as a psychic? Find a number in the phone book or on the internet for somebody who is local. Call and ask them. You might try looking for a transpersonal therapist. Just tell the truth and say, "Hey, I've recently been experiencing psychic phenomena. I've been having prophetic dreams. I think I'm an empath where I feel the emotions coming in from the other side and it's really overwhelming. Are you open to people with psychic abilities and can I come talk to you for a few appointments?"

As far as how are you supposed to explain your psychic experiences to all and sundry? Don't do it. Really, I'm not kidding. The best way to get a whole lot of negative feedback is to go blabbing around about what you are feeling to everybody you know. They will stop talking to you. They will look at you funny. They will tell your mother. The family will have secret conferences about you and how you have suddenly gone nuts. Just don't talk about this stuff to everybody you know. Instead, speak of it only to people who appear to be open to the idea of this psychic stuff. The worst thing I think you can do for yourself (and I speak from experience) is to be flung into a horrible depression because all the people you care about deeply don't believe you are really having these wonderful psychic experiences. Instead, go hang out with other psychics for awhile. There's a wonderful group of them at Spirit and Soul. Their url is: http://spirit-and-soul.com/ They have great chats and classes and you can practice being psychic there.

I hope this helps you. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to use your question and my answer in my blog. It's just a terrific question you asked. I know about the information transference....it's telepathic. It just happens...boom, you know. Play with it. Ask your guide to help you with it. Ask them to tell you slowly about stuff. Use automatic writing to see how that's like. Explore all the different ways to communicate with the other side. Practice lucid dreaming. You can't change the future with the prophetic dreams. And, you can't feel responsible for them either. It just is. It's like people who get barometric headaches and know rain is coming in 3 days' time. Are they responsible for the storm? No. They just know it is coming and don't plan a picnic.

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