Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lucid Dream

I had a lucid dream this morning. I’ve had a few over the years, but it had been some time and this one was different in that it lasted longer than any other one I’ve ever had.

The scene in the dream began as a normal dream. Normal for me, anyway. There were hundreds of people all around. They were all from the Middle East. There was terrible trouble going on and everybody was fleeing that-a-way. I was with them. So was DeeDude. But, we kept getting separated. If you’ve ever seen DeeDude and me in Cost-Co it’s the same thing.

We were all fleeing before a huge tsunami of water which, in the dream I remember thinking was a pretty odd phenomena seeing as how we were in a desert. Not only was it a wall of water that everybody was running from, but there were also a bunch of bad guys. Total pandemonium.

Right before I went lucid in the dream I had been cornered in an area of a long building that was being used as a hospital for people who’d been injured in the war and the flight. A helpful nurse injected my knee with something that was supposed to help protect me.

Again, I’m separated from DeeDude and I began hollering for him. Now, I’m out of the building and on the land. Guys are reaching out from the dunes to drag at me and I’m trying to evade their hands. These are getting to be the bad guys. Not totally bad guys, but bad enough. I’m hollering again for DeeDude. Normally, in any dream where I’m going to start hollering I can’t get enough energy or breath together to make much of a satisfactory dent at all in the hollering aspects. It comes out like a really wimpy breath of soft whisper. Not a good holler at all. Never. And that’s how this segment of hollering for DeeDude was going. Except, in this dream I didn’t give up like I usually do. I kept hollering.

So, here’s part of the dream going on and I try the hollering bit. No DeeDude. Then, mysteriously he shows up for awhile. Then, he’s gone again and I try hollering again meanwhile fleeing for our lives. This went on for a long time through the dream. Lots of hollering for DeeDude. Lots of being separated from him.

What finally cracked it from a normal nightmarish sort of dream to a real valid lucid dream was the hollering. And, it went from the wimpy dreamish hollering to really loud, long, full lung fulls of breath hollering. Bingo. I’m lucid. DeeDude is now holding me. I’m laughing and crying and saying, “I’m dreaming. Look at this! I’m dreaming!” I look around from the protection of his arms around me to really notice now the stuff on the walls of the inside-outside room we are in. Lots of pictures on the walls. And, I’m crying and each and every single tear that falls from my eyes sparkles like a diamond.

What was really interesting to me is that 95% of this dream was normal dreaming quality and that tiny 5% at the end was lucid. But, this lucid part was longer than I’ve ever experienced before and I got to share it with DeeDude.

Cool dream.

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