Saturday, August 04, 2007

My 500th Post

What I’d like to know is what difference does it make whether you pray or not? I’m hearing major gasps from Spirit Land. Okay. I woke up this morning at 3:00. Too early to get up and not really able to go back to sleep anymore. I can’t turn on the bedside light because I’ll wake DeeDude up. What to do now? That’s when I pray. That’s when I go through the list of folks I’m aware of who are hurting. Generally, they’re either in poor health overall or they’re suffering from an illness right now. I had about 9 of them that I was aware of this morning.

I’m not really sure how to do this. I don’t think it really matters because I’m not sure what I do makes a difference anyway. That’s the bummer part of it. Why do it at all? Anyway, I’m trying to send out Reiki rays of healing. I’m a 2nd Degree Reiki practitioner, except, I don’t do it much. I think I’ve lost the touch. But, I remember what it feels like and I’m sending out these Reiki rays of healing to all these folks anyway. First I concentrate on one, then on another. Then, I’m feeling overwhelmed by it all. It was just one doubting thought after another.

That’s when one of the guides asked me to visualize everybody as a portion on a plate. That way they’re all there. And, I can relate to food items easily. Where I started having a problem was when I started visualizing all these little people on a plate. The guides said no, like potato slices. That’s when I really got sort of confused. But, it’s an idea that I’d like to revisit. They don’t generally suggest things just for the heck of it. So, this idea is something I feel I need to look at more.

Now, the idea of whether it’s even worthwhile to do it in the first place. I suppose if you subscribe to the idea that you create your own reality which is something the guides are into in a big way, then praying for somebody does have merit. Also, I wonder about the degree of prayer. What about all these little half-hearted attempts…more even like thoughts of the individuals that cross my mind at different points during the day? How different is praying for somebody than from ordinary worry?

Okay, I’m turning this over to the guides to talk. It’s been awhile since I did that.

Yes, Dear, we would agree with your assessment on that particular point. Fervent heartfelt prayer or healing is always more effective than a slap dash or halfhearted prayer or healing session. In the field of manifestation the more emotion you can get behind a thought the more real it is going to become. It is a part of the process of manifesting. The other part is in being open to the changes which will be necessary for you to effect the desired change in your life. This is why Amway conventions are so effective. When you get excited about something the likelihood of you actually doing said thing is greater than if you say, “Oh, one of these years I’m going to lose some weight and write a book.” It’s the difference between pissing and moaning and effective, constructive action taken toward a goal.

  • Have the goal. Establish a clear-cut goal.

  • Get excited about the idea of working toward that goal.

  • Persevere. Don’t just do it once and expect the “thing” to happen.

  • Have faith that what you are doing is necessary.

  • Be willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve the goal no matter how distasteful to you those steps might be. For instance if being in the library more often than you are in a bar partying with your friends is going to enable you to complete your coursework, then, that is a necessary step towards your goal.

  • After having almost obsessed about the goal for a period of time let the whole thing go and allow the universe to step in with the ball you just set in motion to finish up the job.

  • There is also the old saying of, “Be careful what you pray for; it might come true.” to consider. This is where the desired outcome isn’t quite what you had visualized, but everything considered it is the best possible outcome. For instance, you hate the shape of your nose. You absolutely despise it. And, so your goal is to get a nose job. It costs a lot of money, but eventually you are able to save up the money. However, it turns out that no doctor is going to be able to do exactly what it is that you want them to do. It is just not possible. They got close, but it wasn’t exactly what you had in mind. You have a choice now. You can continue to hate your nose for the rest of your life or you can learn to love it just the way it is. Learning to love your nose is the better way to go.

  • There will be steps you will need to continue to practice to achieve the desired outcome, but you will know in your heart what they are. It’s called developing good habits. For instance, if the goal was to have a degree or certification from a school of higher learning, not going to your classes is going to put a monkey wrench right into your plans.

  • And, have faith. It does work.

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Lynda Lippin said...

Congratulations on 500! I am still going along with spirit, even when I am not sure what the actual plan is...such a leap of faith!

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