Monday, August 27, 2007

Saving Grace

I recently started watching, “Saving Grace” on TNT. I think this show is wonderful. Holly Hunter plays Grace, a hard drinking, smoking, cussing detective who, one night as she’s driving drunk hits a man. She is stunned and in the throes of her horror over what she has done pleads with God to help her. When she stops her car to go look for the man she has run over he is nowhere around. God made it all go away.

Later she meets Earl who is a hard drinking angel. People he has saved refer to him as a Last Chance Angel. If he can’t help you nobody can. He’s there to save Grace’s butt. Only she doesn’t want to be saved and doesn’t think too highly of God anyway.

If you get the opportunity to watch this show, do it. It’s a who-done-it detective show, but meanwhile there’s Earl trying to save Grace. If you've got a high speed internet connection you can watch the latest episode on-line.

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