Sunday, August 19, 2007

Scary Psychic Reading

What happens if you get a bad psychic reading? I’m talking about a reading that leaves you feeling uneasy or even frightened.

Well, I think the thing to do is to first of all look at what you are afraid of. What did the psychic say that pushed your button? Is it that somebody is going to become ill or be involved in a mishap? Is it that you are in some sort of danger?

There is this rule of thumb out there that says God will not give you anything to do that you cannot handle. Face it, no matter how hard life has been for you at times you’ve always gotten through the rough stuff. It might have been unpleasant. It might have been scary. But, you did it. Does knowing that “something” is soon to happen going to change how you handle it? Could you possibly avoid it? I don’t think so, not for long anyway. You might postpone something, but if you’re slated to kick off on March 15th and somehow manage to evade the thing that was going to happen, the thing that was going to send you packing to the great beyond, hey, there’s always March 27th. It will happen. We are all gong to die.

Just be prepared. As well as you can. If you are an adult and have people who depend upon you having your burial plot all picked out and paid for is a great help. Also, if you’ve got a special insurance policy just for the casket and the funeral your loved ones are not going to be doubly burdened by the grief they are feeling because you’ve kicked off, but the kick in the financial pants trying to get you buried somewhere. It’s just the polite and responsible thing to do. And, if you’re not willing to be that prepared? At least have a nest egg and/or provisions to help out. I know you’ll be gone and I know you won’t give a rat’s ass about all of this after you’ve kicked the bucket, but, you can think about your loved ones now. And all of that is worst case scenario.

What if the reading is about somebody you know? What if the psychic tells you that somebody close to you is going to sicken in the next few months? And, it happens? Did they cause it? No. Come on. Get a clue here. The future is fluid. Anything can happen. The idea is not to be afraid of what will happen in the future. The idea is to enjoy living in the moment. Plan ahead, but don’t live in the future. You live here. Now. Enjoy it.

By the way….the picture is of DeeDude's and my headstone in Mountain View Cemetery. We aren’t there yet…obviously.

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