Saturday, September 15, 2007

Broken Eggs

What to do with 7 broken eggs? I made a frittata. I was on my way back from shopping at Office Depot (Seagate 500 GB external hard drive for DeeDude to put all his stuff on and a more powerful shredder - everything on sale!!!) and Lucky’s (usual grocery items including….tada 18 eggs) and as I stood downstairs with DeeDude to carry things up to our place the lid to the eggs flopped open and they all tumbled out of their little eggy nests. Rolled right around in the bag and broken egg started pooling at the bottom of the bag. Well, at least it didn’t get on anything else.

Anyway, I didn’t have half and half or cream, so I used a little bit of 2% milk. I broke another 2 eggs open, so we had a total of 9 eggs. I used half a kielbasa, a bit of onion and some leftover fried potatoes from breakfast as the filling. Then, as it cooked together in the skillet I shaved parmesan cheese over top.

When it got mostly done with cooked scrambled eggy bits with uncooked eggs together I stopped stirring and let it go a bit longer on a low flame. Before it was completely done I put it under the broiler for a couple of minutes.

After I removed it from the broiler I let it sit awhile in the skillet and the edges shrunk away from the side of the pan enough so that it flopped easily out onto my hand and then upside down onto a plate. I put another plate on the bottom as it faced up and turned it right side up. That was the part I was sweating thinking the whole thing was going to stick in the pan or break apart as I tried to remove it. But, everything worked out well. It looks pretty enough to warrant a picture. I hope it tastes as good.

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