Monday, September 03, 2007


What does it feel like to receive psychic information? I think it must be different for everybody. In the book that I’m reading right now the heroine gets itchy palms. Also, the hair stands up on the back of her neck. By the way, the book is, “I Thee Wed” by Amanda Quick. It’s one I’ve read many times before and enjoy immensely. I actually think that the writer taps into her own intuitive side on a regular basis, so I figure from a fictional account we’re getting solid info. There have been too many times, not only with this book but with others written by Amanda Quick – Jayne Ann Krentz – Jayne Castle (all different names she writes under), for me to ignore the similarities of psychic impulse.

When I get a piece of information coming in via psychic avenues I don’t always get the big psychic TaDa to differentiate that information from something I might logically know and something I’ve divined psychically. It used to drive me nuts.

My main contention here is that everybody is psychic. Everybody. And, I feel that many people receive psychic hits regularly and just take them for granted and don’t feel that they are anything other than normal life. It’s when things like itchy palms and that knowingness, that greater knowingness comes into play that it can either be frightening, or unnerving or, at least, stand out like a sore thumb. I’ve always wondered why this won’t work with lottery numbers.

In retrospect, I can feel I had a psychic knowingness about my husband when I first met him. I remember DeeDude and I hadn’t known each other all that long. I went home for a vacation visit and I said to my mother, “I’ve met the man I’m going to marry.” DeeDude didn’t know about it yet. We were in the early stages of dating. But, I knew in my heart that he was the one. We’ve been married 31 years.

When a person is learning how to play the piano they sit there for hours on end hammering out songs or playing scales. It’s boring as hell. It takes a lot of time. It is a very deliberate action on their part to learn how to play the piano. Later, once your fingers, your head and your heart have it learned you can then begin the process of enjoying yourself as you play the piano.

I think the same thing holds for being psychic.

I think it works better, or at least more smoothly, if you can put yourself into that area where you think and believe you will receive psychic info. And, again, this is going to be different for everybody.

Maybe you take a deep breath envisioning the bad gunky stuff in your body coalescing and riding on the coat tails of the breath you expel as a cleansing of sorts. Maybe as you inhale the breath you pretend that what you are inhaling are waves of energy that pulse over, through and around our planet radiating out into space, coming from some distant source and all that lovely energy courses through your body as you inhale that breath moving and touching upon the bad gunky spots in your own body to heal, to energize, to get you moving. It’s a thought.

Or, you might take an imaginary stroll in your mind to a peaceful grotto. Once you are there have a look around. Bring the consciousness that you have to this grotto and just look around. Use your inside eyes to do this. Tell me, what does it look like? This could be your secret place to go when you want to think about things. This could be the place you come for a quick energizing pick-me-up. This could be the place where you ask a question. I don’t care what the question is. Just something you’re wondering about. Hey, your feet hurt. And, they’ve been hurting. Why now? What did you do to make them hurt now when they could have hurt just as badly 2 weeks ago? Ask.

And the answer comes back as: Stress. Tension. Tension and stress translated into how you are moving and how you are moving hurt your foot. Oh. Okay, how to fix that? Another question. Fine. How to fix this?

Go after the tension. The source of the tension. Be quiet and feel this. Allow pictures to come up too. Allow visions of what the original tension was to rise up into your consciousness. Wait for it. Baby stuff. Tense baby. Crying baby. Stiff baby. Mad baby. Hurt baby. Arching back baby. Hurt baby. What to do now? What would help? Think of mommy holding you. Think of your mother holding your head, molding you to her chest and shoulder. Holding you. You calm down. You are comforted.

Well, gee. That was interesting.

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