Friday, September 21, 2007

My List for the Weekend

One of the things I like to do moving into a weekend is to sort of figure out a bunch of things I’d like to do. Time is tight around here as, I imagine, it is with a lot of people who work during the week. You’ve got a couple of days off and you don’t want to miss a minute of them.

So, on Fridays my thought turn towards stuff that I’d like to accomplish during the next two days that I have off from work.

My lists have sort of changed over the eyars in that at one time durining in our local beer garden was a must do. As we don’t drink anymore that particular pleasure just doesn’t make it to the list anymore. Also, I generally think of things to do that aren’t going to cost a whole lot. Seeing as how DeeDude is under pressure to finish up his Mountain View Cemetery book this week he’s not going to be able to do anything with me. So, I will amuse myself.

Chores. That will head the list with the usual suspects of laundry and ironing. I really ought to do a little bit of cleaning and maybe I’ll spend all of 20 minutes doing something along those lines. Over the years my eyesight has gotten dim and I just don’t see dirt like I used to. So, I don’t clean as much. Less wear and tear on stuff.

But, what I really want to do is to spend time here on my blogs. I would like to finish up the jewelry beaded projects for my sister and her family and get them ready to ship. I’d like to work on all my blogs, just something. Generally, I spend most of my time here, but the others deserve a bit of attention too. I’ve got a piece of cross stitch started. It’s an Autumn Angel. I’ve worked on it 3 days now (in the evenings) and I think there is about 2 square inches of fabric that’s been covered. This is going to be really slow. Thank goodness it is a small angel.

So, I’ve got a nice line-up of things for the weekend to do. And, as my mother told me once if I do something that’s not on the list add it to the bottom and then cross it off. It makes you feel better about what you’re accomplishing.

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