Monday, September 10, 2007

New Site for DeeDude

Well, that was different. I spent some time late Saturday night and a lot of time on Sunday creating a website for DeeDude. It’s and it’s about his books and projects and stuff. I created the graduated background at and the rest of it with CoffeeCup. I also downloaded the latest version of CoffeeCup. I originally purchased it a really long time ago and all updates are free forever after that. Not bad.

I used my stuff at TalkingToSpirit as a template and went from there. It’s a mix of html and css. I’m not sure if it’s a pristinely ordered website, but it works. And, it’s sort of classy looking. I like it and, more importantly, DeeDude likes it. This way if he wants to change something I can do it for him easily enough. By the way, if some of the pages look real sparce it's because this is a work in progress. His assignment is to get me some copy to beef it up. We also handled some of it last night with him dictating to me what he wanted to say and me typing it in. That seemed to work well too.

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