Friday, September 28, 2007

Where I Read Books

I write in another blog – Where I Read Books. Obviously, the talk is about books. I am a voracious reader. That started when I was a little girl and finished off the text to a social studies class we had just started over the first weekend of the school year. The teacher was ticked off at me.

I have the day off today from work, a special treat, and last night geared up for the longer weekend by tearing off to the library after work. I have to say every time I go there that branch is packed to the gills with people. The attraction, I think, is a gathering place for young people. They tend to make more noise than I think is warranted for a library, but the trade-off is that the library is getting business and maybe some of the love of books and reading will rub off on them. It’s certainly better than hanging out on the corner.

But, last night the picking of books came to me easily. I walked out with 5 of them. The one I started first, it being a “Hot Pick” which means I only get it for 1 week’s time is, “The River Knows” by Amanda Quick. She’s one of my most favorite writers. This one is an historical mystery. Then, I got, “Francesca's Kitchen”, by Peter Pezzelli; “Seven Up”, by Janet Evonovich; “The Devil Who Tamed Her”, by Johanna Lindsey and “High Noon” by Nora Roberts. Yum.

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