Thursday, October 04, 2007


Now, this is a really interesting turn of events. I went and joined Curves last weekend. It was one of those really interesting things that verge on psychic. I was looking for a place to get my hair repaired. Not cut. I cut it. This was for repairs. And, I knew there was a shop somewhere along the way. I saw the, “Curves” sign.

Me, who doesn’t exercise. Me who would be caught dead before I exercised. Me who is embarrassed as all get out at how out of shape I am.

I joined Curves. I’ve been 4 times now. Three times this week. Folks who will appreciate the effort I’m putting into this will also appreciate the fact that I went after work on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

All it involves is half an hour of your time. You don’t work up that big a sweat. You’re not dying of exhaustion. But, you’ve burned up between 200 and 500 calories that you might not ordinarily burned up.

It adds up.

Also, I get to work out on 12 different resistance exercise machines. I don’t have to be embarrassed by how out of shape I am. We’re all old ladies (mostly) and no men at all. And, I can walk to it from my house. And, I heard somebody on television recently saying that the best exercise a diabetic person can get is resistance and weight training. I'm really impressed that I haven't hurt myself. Normally, I embark upon an exercise program and within 2 days I've hurt myself so bad I can hardly walk for 3 weeks. I'm not hurting and I'm really encouraged.

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