Saturday, October 27, 2007

Figs and the Spread I Made From Them

So, here’s the deal: I cut up a boat load of figs and layered them into a big skillet. I poured (mounded) white sugar all over them. I poured in some lemon juice. There was a bit too much lemon juice for the first load along with some orange juice for a really tart batch and just a little bit of lemon juice for the second, sweeter skillet-full of figs.

I cooked both batches for about 5 minutes or so until everything was real mushy. Then, I pulsed it all in the food processor and returned the figs to the skillet to cook some more. We liked the second batch more than the first so I mixed both together and the final product is pretty interesting. This, when it cools, is going to be a nice fruit spread.

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