Friday, November 16, 2007

A Nice Day Off

I'm flailing around this morning trying to come up with 3 articles for next month's newsletter at Talking to Spirit. And, I'm not getting very far, so I figured I'd pop in here for a couple of minutes to yak.

I've got the day off. Heaven. Don't really have any super-duper plans of things to do, though we might visit the Oakland Museum. I've never been there, DeeDude is a member and has 3 guest passes, so that might be interesting. Or, it occurred to me that maybe I could talk him into going to San Jose to the Winchester Mystery House. All the years we've been here I haven't been there either. Or, we'd sort of made tentative plans to visit a new Indian restaurant near where I work and at the same time visiting the new Trader Joes that's just opened up. So, it's all up in the the meantime I'm diving back into the article writing with the hopes that I can come up with something a little interesting.

Oh sit and shit. What? Sit and shit. As opposed to standing on the toilet seat? Am I channeling? I don't know are you? Okay, what's wrong? Why does anything have to be wrong? When I start saying things like that I know something is wrong. Things like what? You know: sit and shit. Nobody ever says anything like that. Well, somebody did and that somebody is you. What am I talking to myself now? You were in the article you were writing. Oh, right. It wasn't coming off very well. Maybe I should take a break. Maybe you should regroup. How is taking a break any different from regrouping? Taking a break is taking a break. It's doing something else. It's relaxing. It's thinking about something else. Regrouping is thinking about what you want to be doing in a different manner. Oh. Well, that sounds logical.

Personally, I think I need to stand up and stretch. Later.

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