Sunday, November 25, 2007

On Edge?

If you find yourself on edge and cranky a lot of the time consider that maybe there’s something, one small thing you might do in making a mind/heart adjustment for yourself that will magically alter the way you perceive the world around you.

Consider that the thing that needs attention for your world to be bright and sunny, for you to be cheerful again, is buried deep in your heart and in your memories. This thing will have happened to you when you were younger, but it very well could be something that is left over from previous lifetimes as well. This is the core work to be done. You might address it occasionally as you age, as you move through your life. You might address a corner of this stone, examine one facet of this multi-faceted gem that sits at the core of you and find that things ease up for you for a time. But, somehow this thing always seem to come back to haunt you.

It might be that you feel a mild depression settle upon you. It might be that you hurt your foot again. How does this happen? Why does it always happen before a big meeting that you manage to hurt your foot? It’s weird.

These could be the outward manifestations of this multi-faceted stone that sits at the heart of you. This problem if you will, or a life lesson, a multi-lifed lesson that waits patiently for you to chip away at.

Knowing the symptoms are there and the issues still awaiting your pleasure why not have the courage to look at them? It doesn’t have to be an in-depth look. It doesn’t have to be a prolonged look. What counts here is the acknowledgement that it is there and the promise that you will look into the matter.

That’s all.

There are all sorts of ways for the how of it, for the ways to go about healing the hurts inside of you. But, the first step, the most important steps of all are to acknowledge that it exists and to make the promise to the universe, to your higher self, that you will look into the matter.

It’s like a dose of WD-40.

Do it now or do it next lifetime. The choice is yours.

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Midnight said...

Wonderful, thoughtful post. I love your advice. We've all got these little hurts (and some big ones) and they accumulate. I just found your blog on Bloghub but I've added you to the blogroll at mine ( and will be back to read more often!