Saturday, December 29, 2007

Internet Explorer 7 and Java Problem Solved

Wow. That took awhile. Recently I upgraded to Internet Explore 7. I tried to play one of the word games at Pogo and it wouldn’t work. It kept saying I didn’t have Java installed. Except, I did. After much searching on the internet I finally discovered what needed to be done.

On the Internet Explorer 7 screen over on the far right hand side is the word “Tools”. You let that drop down and go to “Manage Add-Ons”. Go to “Enable or Disable Add-Ons” and make sure that Sun Java is enabled.

The first time I did it I saw all these other programs that I used to use occasionally before I did the upgrade and selected them too. Wrong move. Just do one at a time and make sure it works before you add on any others. I managed to totally disable Internet Explorer. And, the way to solve that slick move? I went to the Control Panel – Internet Options – Advanced Tab – and down at the bottom Reset Internet Explorer Settings.

This was another time where I was glad to have a second browser installed. It is Firefox and I use it as a backup when I manage to screw up Internet Explorer 7.

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Donna said...

Don't feel bad...I've got a hp laptop, loaded with windows vista, only a year old. Somehow, after letting hubby run a registry cleaner (was NOT designed for vista), a lot of the programs, I had to reload. Talk about a mess.. it's Still not right! And thanks for stopping in. I knew about the meteor shower from several weeks ago but didn't know it was still happening! Thanks again! Now go have some fun today!