Monday, December 31, 2007


So, here’s what I learned today. There’s a group of Cistercian monks in the wilds of rural Wisconsin who are gagazillionaires now because of the on-line business they have. It began as they were brainstorming for a way to support their monastery. Funds were tight and the bills were piling up. The more traditional means of making money with a farm wasn’t going to work for 6 monks. So, they put their heads together and began to think. They thought about a golf course and a conference center. They considered growing Shitake mushrooms and raising Christmas trees. And, what do you figure happened while all this brainstorming was going on?

Their printer ran out of toner.

Fr. Bernard McCoy was shocked at how much a new toner cartridge was going to cost. He began to surf the internet to find a better deal and when he did he wondered how he might save money for other religious in need.

One thing led to another and they sell lots more than just toner cartridges now. Visit the monks at

They are a regular business. You get the added bonus of having somebody pray for you. They do as much as the other big office supply stores do. I’m switching my business to them.

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Donna said...

How wonderful! I'm checking them out now! Happy New Year!