Friday, January 25, 2008

My Three Crowns

I have my happy face and I have my poopy face. Poopy face has been writing over on The Psychic Vents all month and if you want to hear anything about dental news you can catch me there. That’s what’s been going on with me since just before Christmas.

It was actually sort of funny this afternoon as my co-worker and I walked through the driving rain towards where we’d parked our cars after work. I’m trying not to suck any cold air into my mouth again and have decided the best way to approach conversation in the cold, wind and rain is to purse my mouth. Like you’re doing an, “Ewwwww”. It helped a little bit. Anything cold that hits those teeth, or what used to be teeth hurts like the dickens…Ewwwww.

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Donna said...

Sorry!! I didn't know you were on the other site!! Thanks for the link...Have fun today!