Sunday, January 06, 2008

Quitting ---- Again?

What is the difference between a quitter and a person who has changed their mind?

I would say the quitter will never again revisit the idea of doing whatever it was they quit doing. This is assuming it was a relatively good thing they were doing. We all know people who quit drugs, quit smoking and give up drinking all would resume said activity at the drop of a hat, but don’t because they know they can’t. So, those folks don’t count. I’m talking about people who wanted to learn to play the piano, who even went to the expense of buying one and who don’t make the effort to play it.

Well, this is assuming everybody thinks they actually want to play it. What if all they wanted it for was to untie a knot in their heart? And, mostly these days that knot is loose.

Well, then, I would say that person is not a quitter, but merely found an expensive way to solve a problem. But, the problem eventually got solved. So, did the expense justify the result? I’d say yes. Somebody else might say no. Except, it’s my piano and my house, so your vote doesn’t count for much does it?


Right, let’s get back on topic here.

What I’m working on this morning is another article for my February Talking to Spirit newsletter and I’m not having a real successful time of it.

Okay, seeing as how a blog could be the springboard to something else we will use it as such this morning. I’ll put a link to the actual newsletter once it’s done so you can see if I got remotely close to what I’m working on here.

One of the guides just said to me to get in the mood. My mood for writing, better quality stuff anyway, involves getting really quiet and drawing upon something invisible, something I’ve never been able to define, but it’s almost like the smart part of myself. It’s the inspiring part of myself that comes up with interesting ideas.

Okay. Quiet.

And, seeing as how the psychic part of me is involved here I will call upon that part too.

Actually, folks it’s all the same part. We’ve all got it. It’s just that mine can sometimes be a little unnerving. Sometimes folks who’ve been killed show up too and I sometimes don’t know why they are there. So, dipping.

If you put a fair amount of planning into what it is that you want to do you would also try to provide yourself with the easiest way to accomplish your plans. If you are going to be making steaks for dinner, buying pork chops is not going to get you nearer to your goal. Must purchase steaks first.

So, if you want to learn how to write a book, if that is what your plan is, then you would need to have in mind what sort of book you would want to write.

The question, though, is at what point you decide that your original idea is so much crap and writing about something else entirely has absolutely grabbed you by the creative throat and won’t let go. I’d say that was a good time to consider changing course and deciding to put the first plan on a back burner, maybe to revisit it somewhere down the road, and pay attention to the second idea that came your way.

If you think about it maybe the first idea wasn’t all that well thought out in the first place and you needed to actually embark upon your journey and get a few miles under your belt before you could see that flannel pajamas just weren’t going to do the trick but instead a lacy negligee was more to your taste.

So, it’s a matter of being able to switch gears quickly and not spend a lot of time feeling guilty that once more you are a quitter. You’ve just changed your mind. Makes me feel better. How about you?


Donna said...

I've wanted to write...for a long time. There has Always been the initial "busybee" business in the beginning, then the "plot? plot? what plot" Thanks girl, I needed your post to you.

Anji said...

I was panicking there when I read the heading. I didn't recieve my email for January so I was worried about them stopping.

2007 was the year I really did start to write down my ideas - they don't always come out how I expect but sometimes I'm agreeably surprised!

I'd say go with the flow. good luck