Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Red Hair

Nothing would tickle me more than to become a flaming psychic. When I think of a flaming psychic I would have red hair. It would be really frizzy. Out to here. Also, I would wear gold jewelry, big hoop earrings and beaded necklaces that I would make. I’d also make really snazzy hair ornaments. I’d wear floaty, flamboyant, colorful shirts and tailored pants. Or jeans.

I’d write in the mornings and in the afternoons I would commune and meditate and just do whatever. I know for certain I’d take a nap in the afternoons. That’s necessary for writers. Then, when I awakened, I’d hang out my sign that the psychic was in and I’d do readings for people. We’d do them over the phone. I doubt I’d be having folks come to my house. No need to pick things up and there is the matter of a gazillion cats all over the place. If the people not be offended the cats sure would be.


Well, it was nice thinking of it.

I go to work everyday and am a secretary. I complain a lot. Loudly at times. Mostly, I just work hard. I do not dress stylishly. I certainly don’t have red hair. It’s gray. Steel gray…sort of orange where the henna stayed on too long, but mostly gray these days. I don’t use henna anymore. Someday that damaged bit will grow out. I’m horribly overweight. There could be two of us here! Slowly I am losing the weight. I go to Curves, not a whole lot, but I go.

But, I am still a psychic.

So, what happens is I try to incorporate my psychic bits with my ordinary bits and what happens is me.

I used to be more fun when I drank and smoked. When I die I told my guide that’s what I’d like to be greeted with at the Pearly Gates…a rum and coke and a cigarette. I just wrote, “Jesus can wait.” But backspaced over it when somebody said, “Don’t say that. He’ll get PO'd.” I suppose that wasn’t ordinary. I put it back in to illustrate that point.

Sometimes the guides or folks in spirit will talk to me while I’m driving. Somebody says in my ear, “Go straight.” I narrow my eyes and say, “Why?” Nobody ever answers me. They just say, “Go straight” or “turn left”. Fine. Generally, I do it. The reasoning behind this is 15 years ago my guide told me to roll up the window. I didn’t do it and 5 minutes later some lady reached in and stole my purse. No skin off my back if I go straight or turn left. Maybe, just maybe we have averted something nasty.

Actually, everybody has just as much opportunity to listen to spirit as I do. It's just that you need to pretend at first. They really don't mind if you go putting the words in their mouth in the beginning, just to see what it feels like. I wouldn't blab it around because it can be really wierd at first as you get accustomed to it. And, you might wish you never started. Some of those guys do tend to run on at the mouth. And, of course there is the idea that once you've done it you can't undo it. Make it stop...Make it stop. Sorry. Deal with it.

Also, I do not recommend that teenagers do this. Or little kids. Sometimes it just comes on naturally for them and then will fade away as they get older only to return when they are 35 like it did with me. But, I don't encourage kids to dabble with this stuff. Actually, I wouldn't even recommend anybody start unless they are in their 30's. But, that's just my own opinion.

Oh, and if you're under a doctor's care for a mental condition you do NOT want to do this.

But, if you've weighed the consequences (never getting away with a single blamed thing in your life again because somebody in Spirit will want to talk to you about it) see what you think. Spirit is waiting. Oh, and they do not give winning lottery numbers...not usually anyway.


Liara Covert said...

Your life will always appear as ordinary or as extraordinary as you choose. If you desire to transform or unveil your true nature, you are the only thing that stands in your way. The mind and free will are very powerful.

Donna said...

I "see" things that I don't "get" sometimes, until it's too late..Suddenly, about 3 months ago, I developed an adversion to black coathangers..dumb, huh..I ignored them...wouldn't hang anyones clothes on them...Went to eat with my Hubby for lunch one cold, wet day, came around a corner of a car and before I could think...I slipped on a ..black plastic coathanger...banged my kneecap up pretty bad. I'll Never ignore things again! Or someone calling my name in my right ear...visions I swear are real...on and on...Oh well, enough of my...geez, don't even know what to call it!lolol Night Girl!

Crystal said...

Ah, that description reminds me of my own fantasy. I always wanted to be a gypsy;)

I like how you tell or describe things that you want to be made known to others that are learning. Sometimes I DO pretend that I "hear" someone speaking to me. I can honestly say that I am proud of that fact too;)