Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Psychic Reading with Shirley

I'm having a psychic reading today with Shirley Scott who in addition to being a psychic is also an animal communicator. I found her on the web last night while I was surfing around. If pics are needed here's Captain Jack and me. I wanted to ask her about Captain Jack who is very sick and won't let us touch him because he is feral.
Later in the day: My reading with Shirley was absolutely fabulous. If anybody out there is thinking about having a psychic reading done and if they also have concerns or questions about their animals this is the lady to get in touch with.
Shirley said that Captain Jack came to us to either retire or die. She said that our cats were attracted to the energy in our house. She said animals are often attracted to the energy around psychics. Shirley said that Captain Jack had been invited by another in our household and I immediately thought of Sheba who had come in a few months before he did. The both of them hang around together all day, so that made sense that they knew each other before and Sheba had extended the invitation to him. It's happened before that same way with other cats we've had. Old Oscar also retired at our house and it wasn't too long after he'd made himself comfortable that Gertie showed up who stuck to him like glue for a long time.
She gave me some pointers on how to talk to the animals. I think that's another reason why we were supposed to connect today. It was time for me to have another teacher. It's interesting how things like that happen. They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. In any case, I highly recommend Shirley as a psychic to visit.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Early Morning

As many times I sit here to write that one last article for my newsletter and have trouble every time doing it I begin to wonder why this is happening. The space to fill is small. If the word count goes to 200 words that is sometimes quite a lot. It doesn’t even have to be that much. So, why do I have trouble filling it?

This newsletter that I write once a month is filled with short pieces about being psychic. I began this newsletter back when I’d first started blogging. The newsletter was my attempt for fresher information, for a more personal and immediate connection with the people who visited the Talking to Spirit website. What that one blog evolved into though was six blogs. I try to keep them up-to-date, though there are some that are added to more frequently than others.

What is happening is the same energy going into writing my newsletter is going into the blogs. And, this morning I sit here to take a stab at answering the question of: maybe it is time to stop.

Right away I get big no’s from inside. These aren’t from Spirit. It’s from that little voice inside that says I’m a quitter. Also, nothing irritates me more than to visit somebody’s website and see a project they have let languish. I always wonder if the person has fallen ill that they have not done something, anything to update their site.

So, aside from the fact that nobody seems to visit those past newsletter issues very much I’m thinking that somehow I could devise a little mouse over or something to indicate an abbreviated table of contents for the newsletters. That might be the sugar on my cornflakes to keep me going a little longer.

And, I think I need another project. I’ll have to think about that one. Somebody in spirit just touched their nose. Sort of like Santa Claus does before he rises up the chimney. That’s always been their signal to me that maybe I’m onto something.

And, the other thing that I might do is write something for that tiny little space that stays the same with each newsletter. Sort of an introduction to what I do. You know, that feels good. Then, I’d just be writing my three 350 to 400 word articles and be done with it. Damn, that feels like the right decision.

My name is Pauline or as I am known on the Internet Lady Skye Fyre. I am what is called a channel. I communicate with Folks in Spirit; dead guys. I’ve been doing this since February, 1993. I can’t say that I’ve made much money doing it. I have a job I go to everyday as a secretary to do that. What I do here with my newsletters, with my website, book and with my blogs is to teach people who are interested how to feel more at ease with their own psychic natures. When a person is opening to Spirit, as I refer to it, they are walking into unknown territory. And, many times what is unknown can also be frightening. So, I try to calm them down explaining that being psychic isn’t strange or scary but can be an entirely natural part of life.

Also, a very important part of what I feel my job is, is to help ease the hearts of people who are grieving the loss of their loved ones whether they be people or animals. I am constantly hammering away at the notion that anybody can talk to their loved ones who have passed on and most important of all is that those loved ones always hear what you have to say whether you can hear them or not. There is never any wasted effort in these endeavors.

So, that’s who I am and that’s why I write. Blessings to you.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I’ve noticed something this week about myself. The weather where we are in Northern California is absolutely gorgeous and the flowering trees are in bloom. As I drive to work each morning I pass through a corridor of trees covered in white blossoms and my inner spirit seems calmed. At work, as I gaze through the windows of our store I see another 4 trees similarly clad and in the midst of a busy and hurried day I take a deep breath and peace, just a few seconds of it, settles over me as I gaze at this beauty.

I could really use that feeling of peace more often and though this week that the trees are so gloriously in bloom and the feeling settles over me each day as I look at these trees I know it won’t continue just because the trees will lose their blossoms as they begin to leaf out. I want to be able to capture that feeling of peace again and again whenever I want.

So, this week, as these trees are in bloom every time I look at them I’m trying to memorize the feeling, memorize the sight of these trees, breathe the air, remember everything that I can so that 3 months from now on a day when I feel like tearing my hair out, on a day where I’ve answered the phone 52 times, when I’ve been sapped of any little bit of energy that I have I can remember these trees, breathe deeply and feel a quiet bit of peace wash over me.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Where I Start Cleaning My Desk

There have been times in my life when I felt sort of rudderless, that one day followed the next and the only thing to mark time passing were holidays that popped up and surprised me because I was totally unprepared for them. It always feels to me as if I am living in a fog during those periods of time. I get up, I go to work, I come home, I watch television or I read, go to bed and do the same thing the next day. Looking at my life in those terms I would say it was totally boring. I can’t blame anybody but myself.

So, I just need to get out of this rut. For me I know the best way to do that is to make way, clear the way, clean up my area. I actually started doing that the other day when I threw away some really old and expired toiletry items that had been taking up space on the bathroom counter. It’s not totally cleaned up, but it sure looks a bit better. There’s more room for the cats to sit.

It was a start.

Next is my desk. In front of me the clutter has to be 6 or 7 layers deep. As the cats leap from scanner to printer to my desk and back again I fear each time they will skid and the entire thing will go swooshing off onto the floor taking my cup of coffee with it. Bad dream.

I know it really won’t take much. All it took in the bathroom was throwing away a few things. All it’s going to take here is the same thing.

Okay, I can play “I spy” as I sit here. I spy a lottery ticket. Let’s have a look at the date: eeee December 19, 2007. I believe I didn’t win. I can throw that away. The winning numbers were: 8, 18, 27, 41, 44 and the mega number was 18.

Next: 2 pieces of paper dealing with me faxing a test fax to our new fax machine. I still don’t have it working perfectly, but I can throw those away. By the way, it’s if you want to send a fax for free to somebody. You can do two a day. The first one usually doesn’t work, the second one does, so figure on one free fax a day.

A recipe for Rocky Road Brownies from my co-worker that is absolutely fabulous:

Rocky Road Brownies

1 – 12 oz pkg semi sweet chocolate morsels
1 ¼ cups sugar
4 eggs
¾ cup
plus 2 TBS flour
½ tsp salt
1 ½ tsp vanilla
1 ½ cups chopped walnuts (I used 1 ¾)
3 cups miniature marshmallows (Says 2 ½ but 1 cup on top covers more)
2 sticks butter

Large microwave safe bowl. Put butter and 1 cup of chocolate chips. Melt.

Add sugar and stir and let it cool. Add vanilla and beaten eggs and stir together. Sift
in flour and salt and mix together. Add ½ cup of chocolate chips, 1 cup of chopped walnuts and two cups marshmallows. Mix together

Put into a greased and floured 13 x 9 inch pan. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit
for 22 minutes (less than 25 min). Take out and sprinkle the remaining chips and nuts and one cup of marshmallows over the top. Press gently into the brownies. Put back into the oven for an additional 5 minutes. Cool.

So, that written here for posterity I can put the recipe away. I’d already lost it once, so now my behind is covered in case I lose it again.

Enough cleaning up. I need to get ready to go to work. More later on.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Free Faxing

So, this might be useful for somebody. I used to help me test things out on our new fax machine. You get to fax 2 free faxes a day. This place is great for folks who do not have a fax machine. You do need to upload a document or text file from your computer, but hey, other than that it’s a good way to do a quick fax.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mountain View Cemetery

My husband recently wrote another book. This one is about Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, California. He's been a docent there for years and is passionate about this cemetery and about all things historical. A friend, Annalee Allen, has written a glowing article in this morning's Sunday paper. Years ago the guides said to me, "Your situation is unique. Your husband talks about dead people and you talk to them." I always thought that was funny. You can get more information about this book and the other 3 he's written at his website

As an aside, this is my 555th blog entry into The Spirit Moved Me.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Well, I Wasn't Going to Post This....But...

Okay, this is weird. I never spell weird right. which is right? who knows? who cares? what is the point of this? Well, for some reason when I view blog from the blogger dashboard it wants to go to my old spot of which no longer, I'm posting this just to see where it's going to end up.

Fancy a bit of lighthearted repartee from someone in spirit?

Okay....just don't use any fancy words I can't spell please. It's embarrassing not to be able to spell.

I would say you should utilize your spell checking tools before you post anything because I have news for you: You can't spell worth a shit anyway.

Oh, what kind of way is that for somebody in spirit to talk?

You talk that way all the time.

Not in this blog. I do in the other one, but not in this one.


Right. Caught. See, you can't get away with anything.

Not you, anyway.

Hey, I'm really relieved it is Friday.

I saw how tense you were when you dropped the coffee cup and decided to use it anyway. Do you realize that the cup is not broken?

I think it is. It has to be. Otherwise why would all that coffee be dribbling out of it?

You could have developed the shakes. You had not had your meal time medication.

Yeah, but I would have noticed.

You had heart palpitations today.

Want to talk about my diarrhea too?

Like they told you some time ago. They've got a hot spot reserved just for you.

Flowers From My Husband

This is from the bouquet DeeDude gave me last week.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rolling Stones and Other Things

I think it’s important to have lots of entries in a blog. Personally, when I’m surfing the member blogs at Blog Explosion I get irritated if I see the same blog day after day and the person has not updated it.

But, I can also understand because sometimes I’m just so dry that I don’t even want to talk about what I’m doing. So, to bring everybody up to snuff with what is going on in my life….

I’m losing weight. Slowly, but surely. I’m going to Curves and yesterday marked the 4th day in a row that I’d been. I’m figuring on going again tonight after work. Half an hour of activity every day does seem to help me. I’m aiming on getting my back to stop hurting and with a combination of exercise, drinking more water and having a glass of lemonade every day I’m hoping to strengthen my back muscles and if I do have a kidney stone move that sucker right along. Time will tell if this is a good plan. I have a feeling it is.