Sunday, March 23, 2008

Early Morning

As many times I sit here to write that one last article for my newsletter and have trouble every time doing it I begin to wonder why this is happening. The space to fill is small. If the word count goes to 200 words that is sometimes quite a lot. It doesn’t even have to be that much. So, why do I have trouble filling it?

This newsletter that I write once a month is filled with short pieces about being psychic. I began this newsletter back when I’d first started blogging. The newsletter was my attempt for fresher information, for a more personal and immediate connection with the people who visited the Talking to Spirit website. What that one blog evolved into though was six blogs. I try to keep them up-to-date, though there are some that are added to more frequently than others.

What is happening is the same energy going into writing my newsletter is going into the blogs. And, this morning I sit here to take a stab at answering the question of: maybe it is time to stop.

Right away I get big no’s from inside. These aren’t from Spirit. It’s from that little voice inside that says I’m a quitter. Also, nothing irritates me more than to visit somebody’s website and see a project they have let languish. I always wonder if the person has fallen ill that they have not done something, anything to update their site.

So, aside from the fact that nobody seems to visit those past newsletter issues very much I’m thinking that somehow I could devise a little mouse over or something to indicate an abbreviated table of contents for the newsletters. That might be the sugar on my cornflakes to keep me going a little longer.

And, I think I need another project. I’ll have to think about that one. Somebody in spirit just touched their nose. Sort of like Santa Claus does before he rises up the chimney. That’s always been their signal to me that maybe I’m onto something.

And, the other thing that I might do is write something for that tiny little space that stays the same with each newsletter. Sort of an introduction to what I do. You know, that feels good. Then, I’d just be writing my three 350 to 400 word articles and be done with it. Damn, that feels like the right decision.

My name is Pauline or as I am known on the Internet Lady Skye Fyre. I am what is called a channel. I communicate with Folks in Spirit; dead guys. I’ve been doing this since February, 1993. I can’t say that I’ve made much money doing it. I have a job I go to everyday as a secretary to do that. What I do here with my newsletters, with my website, book and with my blogs is to teach people who are interested how to feel more at ease with their own psychic natures. When a person is opening to Spirit, as I refer to it, they are walking into unknown territory. And, many times what is unknown can also be frightening. So, I try to calm them down explaining that being psychic isn’t strange or scary but can be an entirely natural part of life.

Also, a very important part of what I feel my job is, is to help ease the hearts of people who are grieving the loss of their loved ones whether they be people or animals. I am constantly hammering away at the notion that anybody can talk to their loved ones who have passed on and most important of all is that those loved ones always hear what you have to say whether you can hear them or not. There is never any wasted effort in these endeavors.

So, that’s who I am and that’s why I write. Blessings to you.


Donna said...

Don't you give up!!lol...I would miss you!hughugs

Susan & Scott Anderson said...

Hi! I am sitting here chuckling as I read your post. I started out with one blog to try to keep my website up to date between the monthly newsletter that I put out...that turned into 5 blogs, along with 2 websites, monthly general health/wellness newsletter and reiki newsletter. But something keeps us going, or we wouldn't be here talking about it..Keep connected with your passion!