Thursday, April 24, 2008

Out of Body Flying

Here's a question I got in the email today: Sometimes this frightens me but I quite literally feel like I am flying. I would like to cultivate this ability, but have no clue how to do it. Any suggestions?

And, my answer: Baring any inner-ear disorder I'm assuming you mean flying while you are lying down, meditating or asleep. These episodes are called OBE's. Out of Body Experiencies. Here's an easy way to have one:

It might take a few times to practice or, since it seems like you're already halfway there it might happen the first time for you.

When you are quiet and in a place where you will not be disturbed, with the lights off and in the darkness lay back in a reclining chair, on a sofa or even on your bed. Now, imagine, with your eyes closed that you are moving the toes on your foot. But, don't move them. Just in your mind pretend that you are wiggling your toes. Stop and be quiet again.

Now your foot. Move it in your mind's eye, but don't actually move it. Now, your whole leg. Move it just a centimeter in your mind's eye. But, don't actually, physically move it.

Now, in your mind's eye swing your leg off of the bed, or the chair or the sofa. Let it swing down and touch the floor if you are near enough. But, don't really move it.

Now, bring the other foot down and swing up so you are now sitting up on the sofa, the chair or your bed. Except, you're really still lying down. But, in your mind's eye you have swung your legs around and are sitting up.

Open your eyes in your mind's eye (keep your physical eyes shut) and look at the familiar room around you. Get up and begin walking to the other end of your place. Walk down the hallway. Or, walk into the kitchen. You are safe. This is your place. Everybody is asleep or gone and you aren't going to be bothered by anybody. It is quiet. It is safe and you are only walking around your own place.

Next step is to open the front door.

Walk through the front door to the outside. If you live in an apartment building you're going to need to navigate the steps and then go to the outside, but somehow you want to, still in your mind's eye, move to the outside.

Next step is to take off. Just jump up and fly. Circle around your place. Stay low enough to the ground that you can see the street lights, the sidewalks and the streets. It's your neighborhood. You know where you are. You aren't going to get lost.

Now, look behind you. Do you see a sort of silvery cord that is attaching your flying around astral body to where your physical body still lies on the sofa? See, you're not going to get lost.

Have fun. Fly around some more. Practice zooming and zipping and soaring. When you are done just return to your body. Generally it happens pretty quick. You just think about it and Booop, you've back in body again.

No way can you get separated from yourself. No way can you get lost so don't let anybody scare you. I even took a trip from where we are in California to my sister's kitchen in Washington state in the blink of an eye. Pretty terrific and what a way to save on air fare!

Have fun.

For more info read Robert Monroe, "Journeys Out of the Body "

Thanks for writing and happy traveling.


Donna said...

Now HOW did I miss THIS post???!!LOL...I actually did this about a year ago...I don't KNOW how I did it, but I did!! Geez, you talk about FUN!!! What a flight!lolol..I was headed to Saturn! I looked down at my chest and saw the cord and wondered what it was...thought no more about it, kept flying...Saturn was SO darn close...I was almost there..then I had a "doubt"...whoosh....back in my body so hard I immediately sat up in bed!!LOL...But God, what a ride!!!!....Hadn't been able to do it since!! I'll try this!!! Thanks sweetie!!...night...hughugs

Liara Covert said...

It is indeed startling to some people to realize they can fly. So many children will say they wish they could fly and underestimate what they can already do. Human beings are conditioned to limit themselves. OBEs are one reminder that we can all do and think and realize far more that we think we can.