Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Real Blogger Status

I can't believe it! This is fabulous. I have been having problems for months with the powers that be behind Blogger and "View Blog". It kept pointing back to the old blogspot address and not to where TheSpiritMovedMe.com lives now. Every time I fiddled with the template or posted something new and wanted to have a look I'd have to open a new window and click on my bookmark for the site. It was really getting frustrating. I posted the question to the Blogger Help Group and would occasionally go back to see if anybody had an answer for me because Blogger sure didn't. In fact, I don't think they want to talk to people anymore. But, I just fixed it and it wasn't that bad at all. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The Real Blogger Status solved all.


Donna said...

Makes you feel So good to get things fixed!! Have a wonderful day sweetie!!hughugs

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Hi Donna! Now, I need to start putting all my doo-dads back up again. But, for today Green looked interesting. I'm really glad it operates correctly now.